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Both Ends of The Spectrum

May 27 -  Hey there!  Back to more convention report with...

Hope SpringCon's Eternal

Part Two; "Both Ends of The Spectrum"

So, what all happened at SpringCon?  Well, I have only a slight idea of what everyone else at the convention may have been doing (probably staring at comics legend Jim Shooter....that dude is as legendarily gigantic as he is legendarily, uh...legendary) because I was just busy enough to keep me tethered to the WOMP table for most of it.  Oh, I did wander around a little bit as I sought out friends, bargains, and nifty new comics.  I found a bit of all of that when I stopped at the 2D Cloud table, where I met Raighne Hogan, who was also one of the artists (he provided beautiful, and intrinsic, coloring) of their excellent Yearbooks graphic...well, it's not a "novel," as such, but it is a great, complete read, so maybe it's a graphic novella? 


Whatever you'd call it, I bought a copy, and I highly recommend it to anyone else who still believes in the power and potential of the comic book medium, has a mind that looks for deeper meaning, and isn't afraid of uncomfortable discoveries.  On the other end of the convention floor (and spectrum), I had the opportunity to speak with "Bronze Age" comics artist
Ron Wilson (and his wife, who had the same I-do-this-because-I-love-him-but-I-don't-get-any-of-this look on her face that my wife does when she sits with me at the WOMP table).  He said that SpringCon was his busiest show ever, at least in terms of sketch requests.  In fact, as I was chatting with Mr. Wilson, a young man (16?) was stopped in his tracks by some of the double-page spreads of The Thing on display.  Innocently, he asked if Mr. Wilson would draw something for him, clearly indicating that he had no idea that there is usually a charge for such a thing.  Graciously, and without embarrassing the kid, Mr. Wilson obliged, carefully replicating the image that he had drawn for the SpringCon 2010 program cover. 

The look on the kid's face when held that drawing in his hands was clearly payment enough for the gentleman artist.  More tomorrow.

And here is your Comic Book Superpower of The Day - Line-of-Sight Prescience/X-Ray Vision!


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May. 29th, 2010 04:40 am (UTC)
Yup, I was/am a big fan of the team-ups. Even as a little kid, my mind was blown whenever the Beverly Hillbillies would show up on Petticoat Junction or Green Acres. In comics, I think that my fondness for certain characters only blossomed after seeing them as temporary partners with Batman or Spider-Man, and my first real introduction to some of my favorite artists - most notably John Byrne - came from team-up books. Now, I guess it's a bit too obvious to say that times have changed, but they REALLY HAVE, in that the characters are no longer truly the stars of their own books. Now, the "star" is the writer, or the artist, or the event, or the storyline, or just about anything other than simply the character, like when I was a kid. Think of this; how many of today's comics readers buy The Fantastic Four ONLY because The Thing is a member? Back in the day, even a second tier character like him could steer readership to Marvel Two-In-One on strength of character fan-base alone.
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