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Matters of the Heart

August 25 -  OK, so first let me quickly say that everything with my father-in-law is great now, but only after some very serious surgery.  In fact, far outpacing his doctors' predictions, he actually came home from the hospital today, and he's already back to...well, not "normal," but certainly a few hundred steps above lying motionless in an Intensive Care Unit recovery room.  More on that in a moment, but I need to get back to the story of my speaking engagement in Montfort (was that just last week?  Oy, it's been a long couple of days).  Just as I was wrapping up my spiel, my host, librarian Marcie Harwick, ran from the building to respond to a family emergency, leaving it to an attending mom and me to close the library!  It was pretty scary wondering what had happened, but I basically had to leave without knowing.  Perhaps I'll let Marcie fill you in on the rest, courtesy of an e-note she sent today;

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that you did with the kids here at our library. They are still talking about you. Thank you for your professionalism.  I also wanted to apologize for running out on you that day. My 3 year old son had an old heavy 32" TV fall on him at home. He is fine now, but mom was pretty freaked out for awhile. Thanks again and good luck in your future ventures!

Marcie Harwick
Montfort Public Library

I wanted to be sure that everyone was OK before I told you about the unusual way that the event ended.  That, I suppose, brings me back to my father-in-law, Steve.  His surgery was certainly unique, even to his battle-tested heart surgeon, Dr. Paramesh, who called Steve's heart "definitely one of the top five worst" he'd ever seen.  What made it so unusual was that Steve, a non-smoker/non-drinker, had none of the blockage-type problems that plague most cardiac patients.  In fact, the vessels that usually need to be bypassed were, on Steve's heart, in excellent condition.  Still, after a battery of tests, he was told that he needed dramatic, immediate surgery or he wouldn't live more than another six months (and that was the optimistic prognosis).  Apparently, Steve had a congenital defect.  One of his valves and a portion of his aorta had always been malformed, causing damage and, essentially, premature aging.  In the twelve hour operation that began early the next day, both were replaced.  Since then, Steve's recovery has been close to miraculous.  He wasn't even expected to come out of sedation for two days, but was awake and speaking - hoarsely - just a few hours after surgery.  Instead of "perhaps a month," his hospital stay, from diagnosis (after which he was quickly admitted), through surgery, to release earlier today, was almost exactly one week.  A week!  So, as frightening and serious as everything was, I think that Steve should consider himself incredibly fortunate to have had things transpire as they did. 

Now, I think I need some rest.  With the exception of Saturday (when I had to work at the dreaded "real" job), I've spent the last few days with my wife, the lovely WOMP Staff, either sleeping in waiting rooms, waiting in waiting rooms, or driving and/or walking to and/or from waiting rooms, so I am going to try to get some sleep (in a real bed!  neat!).  As I wrap this up, I've got no "...Of The Day" feature for this month now that I've finally posted all of the Comic Book Father Characters from my list (begun in April), so I'll leave you with a question; what theme would you like to see presented as September's "...Of The Day" feature?  Send in your suggestions before the end of the month.  The "winning" theme suggester (if there is one) will get a special mention in the ol' WOMP-Blog, a link to whatever they want to promote, and the gratitude of a lapsed blogger whose brain is pretty frazzled right now.  Thanks!  See ya!

*WOMP-Blog Archives EXCLUSIVE!*  - Posted below are some of the many, many drawings I doodled on a little note pad while my father-in-law was in surgery.  Some depict other "waiters," patients, or staff, but most are the scribbled ramblings of my own preoccupied imagination.  Enjoy?

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