1womp (1womp) wrote,

In Sickness and In Hats

May 28 -  One of the "joys" of marriage is that if one of you gets sick, it's only a matter of time before the other does too.  The poor WOMP Staff now has a much worse version of a cold that I've had for about a week.  It seems as though I've been incubating some sort of super-bug, which I then graciously shared.  Sorry, honey!  Now, as I happily type away, she is suffering.  It's a helpless feeling when someone you love is ill...and she is just barely ill, considering all of the awful things that could be eating at her.  For right now, I guess I'm going to cut this entry short, just to be available to run to the pharmacy or whatever.  Here are your Hat-Wearing Comic Book Characters of The Last Two Days - Huckleberry Hound and The Crow (of "The Fox and...")!

Tags: comic books, hats

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