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The names behind the name...as Crusty Bunker Month ends

September 30 -  The names of those who once contributed to inking as Crusty Bunker reads like a Who's Who of comic book history.  In their ranks are master illustrators, classic embellishers, inventive creators, brilliant writers, innovative editors, amazing publishers, and many, many artists who are so famous that they are often known simply by just their last name.  Still, as you read this list (which is just below), try to look past all of that.  Try to see these people as a community of friends.  Imagine them thirty-five years younger, working side by side into the wee hours of the morning as they struggle to meet a deadline.  Think about how one may have helped another, who then influenced another, who inspired another, who challenged yet another.  These legends are, ultimately, just people...and that makes their collaboration as Crusty Bunker, and their subsequent groundbreaking work, all the more remarkable.  Here, then, to the best of my research, are as many of the names behind the name as I could find -

The Crusty Bunkers

Jack Abel, Neal Adams, Vicente Alcazar, Sal Amendola, Steven Austin, Terry Austin, Joe Barney, Rick Basile, Pat Bastienne, Pat Broderick, Joe Brozowski, Frank Brunner, Rick Bryant, Rich Buckler, Frank Cirocco, Howard Chaykin, Dave Cockrum, Mike Collins, Denys Cowan, Ed Davis, Joe D'Esposito, Karin Dougherty, Steve Engelhart, John Fuller, Dick Giordano, Dan Green, Larry Hama, Steve Harper, Russ Heath, Klaus Janson, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Michael Wm. Kaluta, Paul Kirchner, Alan Kupperberg, Carl Lundgren, Estaban Maroto, Gary Martin, Bob McLeod, Al Milgrom, Steve Mitchell, Yong Montano, Tim Moriarity, Gray Morrow, Mike Nasser/Michael Netzer, Bruce Patterson, Carl Potts, Ralph Reese, Mark Rice, Marshall Rogers, Josef Rubinstein, Walter Simonson, Jim Sherman, Mary Skrenes, Bob Smith, Jim Starlin, Greg Theakston, Trevor von Eeden, Alan Weiss, Bob Wiacek, Gary Winnick, and Berni Wrightson.

To that list, I'd also add these "maybes" - Frank Miller, Barry Windsor Smith, and Wally Wood.  I'm sure that there are more...and may continue to be more, as long as Crusty Bunker continues to get work.  In an odd way, this ensures the immortality of these great artists, like being famous alumni of a venerated old college.  As long as their "university" is still operating, their names will never be forgotten.  Likewise, as long as these artists continue to advance the comic book medium with their unmatched creativity and unparalleled talents, which were honed elbow-to-elbow all those years ago, then no-one will ever forget the name of Crusty Bunker.  Of course, how could you forget a name like that?  Here, then, is your final "Crusty Bunker" of The Day - Russ Heath!

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