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Why not?!!

September 29 -  So much time has passed.  Crusty Bunker (originally credited simply as "C. Bunker" in Weird Worlds #2, 1972) made "his" debut thirty-five years ago, and "he" more-or-less "died" thirty years ago.  Born from necessity and comradery, Crusty Bunker represented a moment in time that has never been equaled.  As the former Crusty Bunkers moved on, they mostly grew apart...but only temporarily.  Yes, some may not have spoken to others for a few years, and some, sadly, have passed away, but some have found their way back into each others' lives.  Old friendships, forged in the crucible of brazen youth and a crazy workload, have resurfaced.  These older, presumably wiser, artists have reached out to each other.  Forgiveness for youthful transgressions, after three decades of life, was unnecessary.  As we age, regrets are as inevitable as wrinkles, but neither should keep us from taking a chance on reconnecting.  Like old soldiers, The Crusty Bunkers have found that their history of shared experiences has bound them all together in ways that supercede vanity, pettiness, or even time itself.  That's been a wonderful development, but it could still go further.  As I was researching what these artists are now doing, I must admit that I had a dream.  In the dream, they all got together once more.  Meeting on a "first Friday" in someone's New York apartment, just as they had so long ago, all of the remaining Crusty Bunkers finally reunited, in spite of their sometimes tumultuous relationships.  There were tributes to those who had passed, a Powerpoint presentation featuring humorously embarrassing photos from back in the day, and one more inking collaboration to commemorate the event.  When I woke, the very concept of such a reunion made me smile...but the idea of another Crusty Bunker collaboration made me shout out loud "Why not?!!"  It would be a small token of my respect and admiration, but I also hope that it may serve as some sort of catalyst that facilitates a greater reunion, just like in my dream.  So, I'm going to do it.  It may take years.  It may take decades, in fact...and I really don't expect to succeed, but I'm going to attempt it anyway.  I'm going to pencil a page, featuring characters once inked by the original Crusty Bunkers, then I'm going to ask each of them to ink just a little bit until it's done.  Yes, yes...I know that I suck as an artist (I haven't forgotten), but I really believe that the talents of The Crusty Bunkers will more than make up for my own shortcomings.  That is, after all, one of the signs of a great inker, and, for whatever else they all might have done since the 1970's, these artists were, collectively, once one of the greatest comics inkers of all time. Tomorrow, I'll conclude this month of Crusty Bunker commentary with a list of as many of them as my research has revealed.  Until then, here's your "Crusty Bunker" of The Day - Marshall Rogers!

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