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Some 30th Anniversary Star Wars stuff

May 25 -  Happy STAR WARS Day!!  Yep, it's finally the 30th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars film, way back on this date in 1977.  I should mention, by the way, that this is also the 24th anniversary of the release of Star Wars; Return of The Jedi, which premiered on this date in 1983.  Together, these two movies perfectly bracket the most memorable days of my youth.  Those were the days, and the films, that helped shape the "me" that I am now, for better or worse.  Over the last few years of WOMP-Blog postings (not too mention this month's entries), I think I've explained how and why Star Wars changed my life, so I don't want to rehash it here for you.  Besides, who cares about what I did or felt (other than George Lucas, who made the Star Wars films just for me...or so I've often assumed)?  At the outset of this month, in the midst of the epic struggle with my web-hosting site, I wondered to myself "What can I talk about when I finally get to the 25th?  I've already covered almost everything."  Fortunately, my "creative eye" fell upon the Jedi anniversary for my inspiration.  Remember how that ended?  In a nutshell, about six principal characters and a handful of surly rug samples defeated the Galactic Empire, which had ruled for about twenty years.  When Jedi was re-released with new digital enhancements a few years ago, this situation was addressed, slightly, by showing that several worlds had simultaneously shrugged off the rule of Stormtroopers and Moffs, and, after so doing, danced and celebrated just like they did on the forested moon of Endor.  This got my little brain "ta thinkun."  What so motivated, and united, these worlds?  Surely, something bigger and more inspirational than a ragtag assemblage of unknown rebels had brought everyone to the same emotional point at the same time.  But what?  Maybe this little story that I imagined will help shed some light on all of that...

Far, Far Away...

I will never forget that golden Shelova Week, thirty years ago today.  I was very young, but I already felt like just another hopeless subject of The Empire.  That's when I heard about a new holodrama that was creating excitement from the Uscru District of Coruscant to the Resinem Complex on Borcorash.  Spending my last decicred and a sixteenth-weight fragment of crystalline vertex, I bribed my way into the back door of the local holoplex to see what all the buzz was about.  There, in a darkened theater, the following glowing words silently rose in front of the audience; "...a long time from now, in a galaxy far, far away..."  Within moments, the Conservatory Epic Orchestra's dramatic score swelled, and I was whisked away to the amazing fantasy realm of Far Wars, the greatest Adarlonian holovid of all time.  Along with everyone else that year, I instantly became a fan of the magical world of Erth and the Revolution for Amreica, and of such farfetched characters as General Wash 'Nton, tyrannical Emperor Giorjj, and lovable, wise, Ben-Fryn Kklin.  What I didn't recognize at the time was that this simple holo-entertainment, about a mythical people who threw off the shackles of Imperial oppression, would plant the seeds of rebellion within the hearts of everyone who saw it.  By the time the sequel, Far Wars; The Confederacy Strikes Back, premiered, the themes of independence and freedom were secretly blossoming across the galaxy.  Confederacy deepened that effect.  When Wash 'Nton's successor, simple farm boy Abbrahm Lyncon, rose from obscurity to lead the fractured United Stated Alliance during the Slave War, it convinced many Galactic Citizens that some struggles, even those which divided families and endangered society itself, were worth the sacrifice.  When Lyncon gave his life to end the war and free holographic slaves, real indentured peoples, like me, began to see the possibility of freedom...and then began to plan for it.  I was a young man when the third holodrama in the series, Far Wars; Return of The G-I, was released.  I was already thinking about joining the resistance when the story of the Amreicans' triumph over the dark Nzaii forces of Adarth Hider seemed to push me to finally take that brave, principled stand.  Apparently, I wasn't alone.  It may never have been the plan of Far Wars' creator, Luc Georgas, to inspire a rebellion, but one can hardly deny the impact that his fictional world of "liberty and justice for all sentients" had on everyone who experienced it.  As we finally fought our own oppressors, I saw military action on several worlds.  I faced legions of Stormtroopers, an ASN-121 droid, and even a Sith Warrior, in my life as a rebel (as I related in my autobiographical holonovel, To Mustafar and Back), but I never lost the inspiration, the purpose, that I first felt thirty years ago in the back of a dark holotheater.  When The Empire finally fell, and a freed galaxy rejoiced as one, I imagined that somewhere beyond the outermost void, far, far away, the people of Erth were cheering as well...        

That's it.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Here's your Star Wars Comic Book Character of The Day - Luke Skywalker!

May 24 -  OK, you caught me.  It was "20 cent listing day" on eBay, so I spent virtually every possible moment putting stuff up for auction.  Of course, "every possible moment" came down to about two spare hours about six hours apart.  We will be "babysitting" a friend's dog this long Memorial Day weekend, so I really spent most of the day "mutt-proofing" WOMP Central.  Whether it be displays of collectibles, stacks of vintage quilts, or half-completed art projects, WOMP H.Q. is barely prepared for brief entertainment of clumsy adult humans, nonetheless mindless slobber machines.  I am, as I have said before, a cat person.  Dogs are "OK," I suppose, but they are somewhere on my "OK List" between pine cones and kegs of railroad spikes (nothing specifically wrong with them, I just don't have any need for them in my house, or life, for that matter).  While someone out there could certainly argue with me about the virtues of dogs over those of cats, what can not be argued is that the cats themselves are, by and large, cat people...or cat cats...or, well, whatever.  Basically, they prefer cats to dogs.  This is never more obvious than when they are suddenly required to express an opinion in the matter, like, say, when they turn a corner into the living room to find themselves face to face with a white fanged behemoth with a wagging tail.  Yikes!  Hopefully, things won't be too "exciting," as I plan to really blather on about the 30th anniversary of a certain space drama tomorrow!  Which one?  Well, let's just say that Klingons, Cylons, Jaffa, and Sleestak won't be discussed.  Need another clue?  Boy, you're as dumb as a dog!  OK, Fido...here's your Star Wars Comic Book Character of The Day - Asajj Ventress!

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