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August 26 -  So much going on, so little time to blog about it.  Honestly, I think I have to pull another TBTP ("Too Busy To Post") on ya.  As I type this, I have five minutes until I go to the dread "real" job.  So, what can I say in this brief time?  I can tease my future bloggings a bit by saying that The WOMP Staff and I have had an unexpected adventure recently.  I can hint about some future plans that involve a comic book convention.  I can even implore you, again, to try to guess this month's Mystery Theme.  What I can not do is post anything further at this time, other than your Mystery Theme Comic Book Characters of The Last Two Days - August 25 - Buffy Anne "Vampire Slayer" Summers, and August 26 - She-Hulk!

Tags: contest, mystery theme

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