March 3rd, 2009

The Zombie


March 2 -  Hey there!  Back for more?  Let's start, then, with the next "thrilling" installment of my countdown of...

Seven Ways That
Changed My Life!

Number Six - Will Eisner ruined my handwriting!  Well, "ruined" may be too strong a word.  You see, before I'd ever seen any of Mr. Eisner's work, I was dutifully keeping notes, writing letters, and submitting reports in a decent cursive handwriting.  By the fourth grade, my overly-curly "John Mundt" was more like "John Hancock."  By the time I'd added "Esquire?"  Forgetaboutit.  Then I had a seventh grade Biology teacher who required that every student carefully print everything produced for his class.  That was quite a challenge.  I did my best, I really did, but my printing was so illegible that it actually angered my teacher.  If any of you have seen my current signature - which is directly descended from one I developed during those days - then you have a rough idea of how awful my printing was.  Even so, I have never gone back to "longhand" handwriting.  I struggled through the next few years as I looked for my "print-voice," but then I saw Will Eisner's larger-than-life signature on the cover of one of the earliest Spirit collections. 

It was composed of a tweaked traditional comics font, brush strokes, and a handful of specific quirks.  I was especially fond of the way that some lowercase letters stood in for their uppercase counterparts.  As a Freshman in high school, I created my alter ego/nom de plume John Woe, and, in homage, developed a separate Woe signature that closely resembled Mr. Eisner's.  Little by little, John Woe's hand-printing became
handwriting.  By the time I was in college, I was angering a whole new set of teachers with it (sorry, Hy).  Again, I really tried to clean up my act, but I just could not shake my Eisner influences (again; sorry, Hy).  After college, I had taken to heart many of my Lettering Class lessons, but I decided to stop denying my Eisner-Woe handwriting...especially the little circles used to dot any lowercase "i" in the middle of an otherwise all-capitalized word.  Ruined forever by Mr. Eisner's iconic autograph, I'm now left with my own quirky, printed, weirdo handwriting.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.  Thanks, Mr. Eisner!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Now some more fun!  Tonight, I begin what I hope will be an  I don't know what to call it, other than nerdy, wordy, weirdy, comic booky fun.  Here's how it will work.  Below, I'll post the name of a comic book character.  Reply to this entry (via the WOMP-Blog Archives on LiveJournal) with the name of another, always different character's name that begins with the last letter of the previous character's name, and we'll see how long we can go before either accidentally repeating or everyone just gets bored with it.  Got it?  OK, let's start with a few, just to get the ball rolling;

1) Mister Mxyzptlk
2) Krypto
3) Omega The Unknown

So, hop to it!  Number your entry so that people can follow along.  Here is your More Fun Comics Character of The Day - Percival Popp!