January 12th, 2009

The Zombie

Come And Listen To A Story About An Artery In My Head

January 11 -  Jeepers, what a week.  I've been...uh...not busy, per se.  This last week has just overwhelmed me with....stuff.  It was just so weird.  First, I lost a big artwork commission.  That was unfortunate.  I also worked some extra, odd hours at the dorky "real" job.  That was also unfortunate.  Mostly, though, I've just floundered.  Flopping around like a fish on deck, I've not had a good run at anything for several days.  It's like I couldn't start anything....or that things I'd started I couldn't finish.  Whatever.  Now, several days have passed and I have little to show for it.  I suppose that's OK.  I don't know why I worry so much about "getting stuff done."  It's not like I ever do anything important or necessary.  Still, I'm reminded of something that Buddy Ebsen once told me (via an interview on CNN late in his life).  The actor, best known as Jed Clampett on Beverly Hillbillies, took up writing and painting in his last few years.  When asked what motivated him to attempt new, unfamiliar artistic endeavors so late in life - when other nonagenarians might just sit back and relax - he said that, in his opinion, "Any day, where you don't create something new that wasn't there the day before, is a day lost."  Or words very similar.  That hit me like a brick when I heard it.  I'd always felt that way, but had never heard it expressed in such a clear manner.  He also said that he specifically enjoyed writing because "There is no limit to what you write as long as it increases the value of the paper you write on."  Hmm.  Who knew that Barnaby Jones could be so inspirational?  This last week, however, I definitely let my inner-Ebsen down.  In fact, my general inaction during the previous year would have disappointed Buddy...but I had good excuses!  Well, not "good."  More like "life-threatening."  That brings us to...

The WOMP-Blog's Biggest Stories of 2008
Number Eight - At Least I Have My...Uh...

Normally, I wouldn't consider "being sick" to be a big story, but 2008 seemed to have a contract out on me or something.  Looking back, it's a wonder that I made it through.  In addition to the usual bouts with flus and colds, I was attacked by a swarm of bees, I nearly sliced off my right pinky finger, I severely twisted my knee while helping a stranger, and a blood vessel burst in my head!  GACK!  Look, I'm doing well now (although I have several bee-sting scars, and my knee still bothers me toward the end of a long day), but there is no denying that my poor health had a major effect on my productivity.  Throw in an "ailing" Internet hook-up, a wife with her own lengthy flu battle, and my Aunt Shelby having a major, scary health emergency, and it's a wonder that I got anything done at all.  Back when I was a kid, whenever adults would talk about childhood being the best time of life, I thought they were talking about the lack of responsibilities.  Now, as a supposed "adult" myself, I think that they might have been talking more about the inevitable deterioration of health that accompanies aging.  So, what to do about this?  I suppose I can try to avoid beehives and stalled cars, but the artery thing?  That's just genetic...just fate.  The answer may be to accomplish what I can when I can.  I'm sure that even Buddy Ebsen had some bad days.  The point is to make the most out of the good days.

(this is a classic 1960's photo of Shelby...is it any wonder why she's my
favorite aunt?  She is doing better now, but is still in very poor health.)


Well, time to wrap this up.  I'll keep plugging along, health permitting.  I have no idea
why, but I'll keep plugging along.  In the face of health concerns, overwhelming floundering, and the normal case of the Year End Mopes that I'm trying to shake off, I will keep trying to make something new that wasn't there the day before.  Thanks to Wikipedia, Mr. Ebsen offers this thought on the subject; "You get more negative reactions than positive reactions as you go through life, and the big lesson is nobody counts you out but yourself...I never have, I never will."  Words to live by.  And, on a related note, here are your most recent Dead Comic Book Characters of The Day -
The Green Goblin, Mr. Spock, The Spectre, Supergirl, Blade, and Ferro Lad!