January 7th, 2009

The Zombie


January 6 -  OK, I'm only just now about to post the second entry on my list of "The WOMP-Blog's Biggest Stories of 2008," and it has already occurred to me that no-one cares.  Or, if they do care, they've already read about all of this stuff in The WOMP-Blog over the course of the previous year.  Still, I have been doing these year-end wrap-up lists for awhile now, so I want to keep it going.  To reconcile all of this, I've decided to give you some updates along with the list.  Here, then, is...

The WOMP-Blog's Biggest Stories of 2008
Number Nine - What's New, Pussycat?

If you are a cat lover, there is no need for me to explain what fun a kitten is.  Well, "fun" may be an oversimplification.  Is there a word that means cute/scary/sweet/aggravating/love?  Oh, yes there is; Alex!  What a little character our new kitty is.  Alex has been fully absorbed into the soap opera that our cats perform daily.  He has been welcomed heartily by amiable Orange Kitty, adopted by loving nursemaid Charlotte, ignored by icy vixen Carolina, and befriended by gender-confused Thomas.  For the few months when he and Earl lived together, Alex wisely deferred to the "King Cat" in all matters.  Now that Earl has passed, there has been a mostly-quiet struggle to find a new balance of power.  While O.K. has been asserting himself, venerable Carolina still maintains passive-aggressive control.  Meanwhile, down at the bottom of the totem pole, blissfully ignorant Alex is enjoying himself liberally, even as he grows bigger and bigger every day.  He has also become our little shadow.  If The WOMP Staff is working on a quilt, Alex is there to "help."  If I am working at my drawing board, Alex is right next to me, eager to lend a paw.  Yep, when I look back on the big stories 2008, the addition of Alex P. Kitten to our home is definitely in the top ten on my list!


Now I've got to get going.  I will continue the countdown next time (I know you can't wait), but, until then, I leave you with your Dead Comic Book Character of The Day - Dracula!