December 18th, 2008

The Zombie

Art Project(ion)s

December 17 -  Yippee!  Two blog entries in a row!  I did it, I did it!  I'm half-dead from an entire day of moving my Aunt Shelby into her new apartment, but I still have just enough "oomph" left to post a little something.  And I know exactly what to post; a quickee update on what art-like projects have been occupying my time lately.  First up, there's the Jazma Online interview with yours-truly that has just posted.  Intrepid roaming reporter, and Official Fish of WOMP, Allen Klingelhoets asked me, like, thirty or more extremely probative questions, so I felt obliged to respond.  You can check it out by clicking HERE (and please ignore the disturbing photograph of the shapeless blob wearing a fedora while you're there....UGH).  Also, in news of actual artwork, I'm working a commission to design a trademark character for a land conservancy magazine (fun, but I'm on revision number ten or so right now, with at least one more to go).  I'm also doing some fashion work, drawing a model in twenty different haute couture ensembles.  That's been interesting, but a little stressful since it's out of my usual comfort zone (although, in a side-note, I must admit that I gave the idea of fashion design brief consideration during my Senior year in high school...a cartooning career just didn't seem too lucrative, and I foolishly thought that the cut-throat world of high fashion was more "safe," in spite of all evidence to the contrary.  Fortunately, the terrible, terrible fashions of the mid-1980's mercifully squashed that "dream" quickly...I don't think I could have enjoyed drawing all those gigantic shoulder pads anyway). 

(here's a quick, preliminary sketch from that model project)
Of course, I'm still plugging away on such projects as illustrating The Cardboard King in Oz, and baby books for my friend Joe Becwar, but that's about it right now.  Except for the book I'm writing, of course.  What?  You didn't hear about that?  That's because it was in the entry that I was going to post about a month ago, before I found out that my Internet was whack.  Since then, I've decided to play it a little closer to the vest, but I feel safe in saying that most of you long-time WOMP-Blog readers might easily guess the subject of this hypothetical book.  I have a small handful of hurdles to jump for it (BIG hurdles, but still just a few), but, if all goes well, I hope to have some sort of preview available for the 2009 FallCon in St. Paul, with a published book by the 2010 convention (fingers crossed).  Oh, I don't have an editor yet, and I've no hint of a publisher, but I'm not letting that stop me.  Heck, if my general ineptitude and glaring lack of even a shred of writing talent don't deter me, nothing will!  Except lethargy, of course.  That gets me all the time.  Speaking of which, I'd better wrap this up for now so that I can go collapse someplace.  Tomorrow, some more updates.  See ya then!