September 22nd, 2008

The Zombie

Happy Autumn!

September 22 -  Hello, e-friends!  I'm at the absolute frayed end of my strength for today, having been working hard on my Fallfire contest, which begins...UGH; right now! Still, I feel like I should at least post something while I can.  I have only about four hours in which to sleep before I have to get up and go to meetings and such tomorr...well, later today, actually.  Before I pass out, I just wanted to just check in to say "Hi."  Oh, and here are some more of your Often Mispronounced Comics Creators' Names (and How To Pronounce Them) of The Day for...
- the 17th - John Byrne (BURN),
- the 18th - Kurt Busiek (BYOO-sek),
- the 19th - Rick Veitch (VEECH),
- the 20th - Jerry Siegel (SEE-gul),
- the 21st - Neil Gaiman (GAY-mun), and
- the 22nd - Sergio Aragones (AIR-ug-OWN-ez)!