September 16th, 2008

The Zombie


September 16 -  Hey there, all.  You might have noticed that I haven't blogged at ya for a few days.  Sorry!  This time of year brings not just turning leaves, lowering temperatures, and heavyset school-crossing guards.  For whatever reason, it also swamps me with art commission odds and ends.  And, of course, I'm busy getting stuff ready for the WOMP table at the twentieth annual FallCon comic book convention in St. Paul (October 4 and 5).  The coming of Autumn also brings my Art/Creativity contest, Fallfire.  I'm up to my eyeballs with contest prep, and I have less than a week to go before everything is officially under way.  I had hoped, and still plan, to bring in some help this year, but, so far, I've had only the time to do some of the basic set-up myself.  Toward the end of this week, I will have time off from my dreaded "real" job, so I may get my "normal" schedule back on track, but, until then, my day is squeezed dry by the time I fall asleep.  In fact, I really should get back to it.  Before I leave you, I did want to ask you all for suggestions of other comics creators' names for which you'd like "official" pronunciations.  I have my list all set up for the "...Of The Day" entries, but I just realized that I included both John and Sal Buscema (duh), so I now have an open spot for someone new.  Any suggestions?  Please send them in.  Until then, here are your Often Mispronounced Comics Creators' Names (and How To Pronounce Them) of The Day for...
- the 8th - David Micheline (MIK-el-EYE-nee),
- the 9th - Howard Chaykin (CHAY-kin),
- the 10th - Carmine Infantino (IN-fan-TEE-noh),
- the 11th - John (and Sal) Buscema (byoo-SEM-uh),
- the 12th - Len Wein (WEEN),
- the 13th - Dustin Nguyen (ngWHEN),
- the 14th - Mark Millar (MILL-er),
- the 15th - Martin Nodell (noh-DELL), and
- the 16th - Tom Brevoort (bri-VOORT)!