September 7th, 2008

The Zombie

REVEALED AT LAST: I'm a Forgetful Moron!

September 6 -  I forgot to talk to you about a couple things.  For the last month, while I recalled my Kubert School days, I kept dropping hints and clues as to other things that were happening in the meantime, intending to get to them this month.  In fact, come to think of it, I've been doing that for years.  Long-time readers will remember such classic go-nowhere teases as "something that will change The WOMP-Blog forever," and "working on a big, super-secret project."  It's not like I've intentionally neglected to follow-up, it's just that I'm a forgetful moron.  Now, there is absolutely no way I can tie up all loose ends left dangling over the last five years or so, but I can clear up a few...

1) That "big, super-secret project" was a new book series written by Anthony Wedgewood.  Tony contacted me out of the blue with a proposal...or, more appropriately, a challenge.  Based on a fantasy world of magical creatures and lost civilizations, he has developed a series of books which all need illustrations.  LOTS of illustrations.  Like, literally hundreds.  The basic concept that he developed was to simultaneously release three books at a time - one for children, one for young adults, and another for adults - each telling completely different stories which would all be canon to his world.  Kids could read just the "introductory" level books, and still get a full story.  The same would go for young adult and adult versions.  True fans could get all books.  Kids, in theory, could graduate from level to level throughout their lives.  Beyond the fact that the stories are solid and intriguing, I think that Tony's marketing plan is pretty ingenious.  And ambitious.  Too ambitious for me, apparently.  As the realization of just how much work - how much of my life - this project would take, I got cold feet.  Oh, I wanted to be a part of his plans somehow, and I really did try (sketching "Nums" and other beings for about a year, on and off), but the crushing scale of what saying "yes" really meant froze me like a bunny in the snow.  That's why I so pointedly said "was" up there.  He has another illustrator now, and his first books are just about to hit the shelves.  I ran into Tony by accident just beforehand, and gave him my apologies.  I felt/feel like a jerk, but I was so happy that he had just written me off and moved on.  This whole thing was a little like a blind date, wasn't it?  We met, had some drinks, talked about the future, and tried to make a go of it, but, in the end, we just weren't meant to be together.

2) While I'm at it, the thing that I thought would "change The WOMP-Blog forever" was a computer program that would automatically provide links to the things I blogged about.  If I wrote "Batman is awesome," this blog-builder program would search for a Batman web-site, then alter my post to turn the word "Batman" into a link.  I gave up on it pretty quickly, since, to extend the example, there are probably eighty-six thousand sites pertaining to Batman, and who knows which one I'd get.  Now, as The WOMP-Blog Archives are posted to LiveJournal, I've got something similar anyway.  My in-post links provide several "you might also like" links when the cursor passes over them (as well as a snapshot of the linked page itself).

3) I'm pretty sure I made some cutesy remark like "and speaking of bees" last month.  I did that because I had just been attacked by a swarm of them!  Right before heading out for Star Wars Trek '08, I threw some stuff into the garden compost heap behind our house.  Immediately, bees came pouring out from inside the heap, stinging me all over!  I ran off, and was even indoors, relating my story to The WOMP Staff, when I realized that several bees were still inside of my clothes!  I suffered five more stings as I crazily stripped off my clothes (and stomped on them!), for a total of eighteen painful stings.  Within a day, most sting-wounds had dwindled to mere irritations, but three - on my right wrist, right ear, and fat gut - were itchy, swollen and miserable for weeks.  The one on my belly is still visible, a month or so later.  And the bees are still there!  We're trying to formulate a plan that will safely and humanely remove the bees, while preserving the "health" of the compost that we use in the garden (so traditional bug-spray is probably off limits).

And there's other stuff, like the information about C.N. Landon and the official Wisconsin artists site that's going to include a bit of info about me, but it will all have to wait...again.  I'll try to get to all of it in the next posts, I promise!  For now, though, here are your Often Mispronounced Comics Creators' Names (and How To Pronounce Them) of The Day for - the 4th - Irwin Hasen (HAY-zun), the 5th - Bill Golliher (GOLL-year), and the 6th - Mike Mignola (min-YOH-luh)!