September 4th, 2008

The Zombie

Mindt Condition

September 3 -  So, have you recovered from Joe Kubert School Month yet?  I hope so.  I purposely avoided posting for a couple of days, just to give you all a break.  In fact, the "...Of The Day" feature for this month is something just a little lighter than usual.  I figured that I still needed at least a month to recuperate.  In fact, I've had the September theme all lined up for a week or so, when I got this fortuitous e-message from O.F.O.WOMP, and C.B.G. Head Honcho, Brent Frankenhoff -

Typo on FallCon site

Big surprise, but you're listed as John Mindt, Esq.

All I can think of with that one is doing my best Inspector Clouseau voice.
"Yes, I'm looking for a John Mindt."

Yes, although this is technically a misspelling of my name, it actually is one of the many mispronunciations I've heard.  How you hear "Mint" when you see the word "Mundt" is beyond me.  The most common garbalization of my name is "John Mun-det," although my favorite has to be "Mr. Mundtesquire" (of course, that one is somewhat self-inflicted).  As I posted my Kubert School memories, I also recalled the confusion of just how to pronounce "Kubert."  By dumb chance, I had always pronounced it correctly, but some fellow first year students said "CUB-ert," and one (and I will cut him some slack because he was from Europe) called Joe Kubert "Yo khoo-BAY."  Early on, we timidly asked teacher Ben Ruiz for the correct pronunciation.  By the time Bill Sienkiewicz came on the scene, we just flat out asked him "So, how do you pronounce that?"  While the correct pronunciation of Sub-Mariner may be subjective, people's last names usually are not.  Inspired by (and starting with) the peculiar names of some of my Kubert School teachers and classmates, this month's theme is Often Mispronounced Comics Creators' Names (and How To Pronounce Them)!  Yep, I plan to do for you what Ben did for us!  Now, I do have two little "rules" (if you can even call them that).  First, I'm going to focus my pronunciation guide on last names.  I'm assuming you all already know how to pronounce "Joe," "Bill," and so forth.  Second, these pronunciations are all "to the best of my knowledge."  All of them I have heard pronounced first hand by either the creator him/herself, or by someone who really should know what they are talking about (like Brent, come to think of it).  OK.  Let's kick it off with the first three, your Often Mispronounced Comics Creators' Names (and How To Pronounce Them) of The Day for - the 1st - Joe Kubert (KYOO-bert), the 2nd - Bill Sienkiewicz (sin-KEV-ich), and the 3rd - Hy Eisman (EYES-mun)!