September 2nd, 2008

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BEHIND THE WOMP-BLOG; Images of My Year At The Kubert School - Part One

In doing the research needed for my month of Joe Kubert School remembrances, I eventually found many photos, assignments, and other ephemera from my 1984-1985 school year.  I tried to incorporate as many of them into my daily posts as possible, but there were so many that I just couldn't get to them all.  To complete the story, I felt that I should share the rest of them with you in this WOMP-Blog EXCLUSIVE photo album!  So, here is Part One...


Drawn on over-sized 18" x 24" pads, most of these were produced outside our actual Caricature class, but still under the guidance of Stan Kay, who stood by as I drew, offering pointers (except for the last one)  Pass your cursor over the pix for individual info.

Classmate John Aversano    Classmate John Pirtel    Classmate Gary McCluskey

Classmate Chuck Marchegiano    Classmate Bill Oakley    Classmate Bill Refsland

Classmate George McClements    A little "during class" sketch of my teacher, Ben Ruiz   

The Zombie

BEHIND THE WOMP-BLOG; Images of My Year At The Kubert School - Part Two


The Mansion was a truly amazing structure.  It probably should be a museum (and it probably will be someday).  Below are some of the photographs I took of the building itself, the outbuildings (including The Carriage House, another JKS housing unit), and the surrounding grounds.  It's really a little island of Victorian life in the middle of choking, suburban sprawl.  Remember, pass your cursor over the pix for more info.

        That brown trailer had been the "animation studio" in previous years.  It was also used for a kid's summer school cartooning class.

The seldom used front door, through which was an entryway with The Mansion's only phone - a payphone.        The windows of my room, formerly Joe's office

There's that kitty again!    The driveway    The gazebo

Detail of the front porch    The sign at the entrance to the parking lot, with The Carriage House in the background    A better view of The Carriage House
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BEHIND THE WOMP-BLOG; Images of My Year At The Kubert School - Part Four


Since 1984 was the first year that The Joe Kubert School was in the old Dover High building, I really tried to capture the feel of those days in photos, just for history's sake.  "Tried" being the appropriate word.  I can't take a decent photograph to save my life.  Sigh.  Oh, they are anyway...

The front door, as seen from across the street.  The big purple car is the Kubertmobile.   The West side of the school building.

The secretarys' office.  There's my "hero," Tracey    UGH!  Well, it's a terrible pic, but it does show some of the many framed pieces of rare original cartoon art that adorned the walls.

another pic of the Kubertmobile, parked on what used to be the playground