August 11th, 2008

The Zombie

Star Wars Trek Episode 2; Attack of The Search

August 9 -  One of the big down-sides to a vacation is that one generally has to right back to work when it's over.  I guess that just makes sense, but it doesn't help make it any easier to readjust.  Worse, there are usually some other tasks which have been put off until after the vacation, all of which suddenly need attention when the luggage is unpacked.  I must confess that the clot of stuff waiting for me back at WOMP Headquarters nearly overwhelmed me.  Yes, I had to go back to the dread "real" job, and I also had artwork projects which swamped me down for the last few days.  Those are done, now, so I have time to try to catch up with all of the other stuff...and - whoo boy - there's a lot of it!  Let's start at the start, shall we?  For those of you reading this on the old school WOMP-Blog, you may want to switch over to the WOMP-Blog Archives, where I hope to post some photos as I wrap up my report of...


So, the "trek" aspect of our vacation ended up being just a trip to the Science Museum of Minnesota, but it was still a lot of fun.  

The beautiful WOMP Staff had never seen real props or costumes from the Star Wars films before, so she was a little more excited than even I (if that's possible).  The exhibit,
Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination, didn't disappoint us, either.  

Many of the "relics" on display have never been seen outside of the Lucasfilm warehouses before (except in the movies, of course).  There were several spaceships,

lots of droids, 

costumes galore, 

and the original landspeeder.  

The Staff's favorites were Chewbacca and the other Wookiees.  

I have always had a fascination for C-3PO, 

but I was very excited to study the specific detail of things like the original Tusken Raider's elaborate mask, 

Yoda's little necklace thingee, 

and the interior of Darth Vader's helmet/visor.  

I expected to be moved when I saw such classic icons, but who could have imagined that I'd actually tear up while viewing Lobot's cybernetic headband?  There is no overstating the influence that the Star Wars motion pictures have had on me, I guess...and now on my wife (poor soul).  Nostalgia wasn't the goal of the show, though.  The intended focus of the exhibit was to compare imaginary science with its real world equivalents.  As such, there were some real robots and anti-gravity displays...although those seemed aimed more toward kids (who outnumbered adult attendees by at least three to one, by the way).  There was also a "landspeeder" of sorts, which attendees could ride...but not if wearing open-toed shoes, as we found out.  Because of that, I volunteered to ride the little craft for the flip-flop-footed Staff.  It was...just
so embarrassing.  Oy.  The thing had a top speed of "snail," a token Velcro lap-belt for "safety," and a eight-foot diameter circular "course."  

Ah, the things you do for love (of Star Wars?).  We spent about three hours in the exhibit hall, mingling with the occasional Jedi-kid or mini-Princess Leia (so cute!), until we finally decided to hit the gift shop (where we dropped
eighty, I mean creds).  Amazingly, some of the items for sale were vintage, including comics!  Someone must have donated it to the museum to help raise money, although they weren't asking very much for any of it.  Along with Star Wars themed stuff, I picked up a 1969 "Man On The Moon" commemorative button for $1.50, a mint-condition 1973 "treasury-size" Amazing World of Superman - Official Metropolis Edition for a mere $3.00, and a 1984 British sci-fi fanzine called Fantasy Image
(lots of classic Doctor Who) for just $2.00.  After we left the museum, our vacation continued, but not our loose plans for Star Wars Trekking.  Instead, we succumbed to the siren call of shopping, and the wicked lure of towering waterslides (yes...I actually went down "The Tornado" in Wisconsin Dells...the most frightening aspect of which was that I wore swim trunks in public!).  So, I guess that wraps up Star Wars Trek '08.  Exciting, no?  Well, it was for us. 

So, now that SWT '08 has ended (...or has it?  More on that in a month or so...), I'm forced to make a decision; what do I tell you first?  I'm faced with a lot of choices.  Do I reminisce about my Kubert School days, as was my plan at the beginning of the month?  Do I tell you about all of the up-to-date information I've learned (thanks in great part to XQB Dan Lietha) about my one-time Kubert School classmates (including about Dan himself)?  Do I excitedly relate the contents of the bundle of pertinent, hitherto lost, C.N. Landon information that I got in the mail from historian Henry Timman (quick preview; AWESOME!)?  Do I talk about my recent art projects, my upcoming book(s), or my collaborations with artists from around the world?  OR (and hear me out here), do I just end this entry for now?  Hmm.  I've made my decision; I'm putting it all off until tomorrow!  Here, though, are your John's Joe Kubert School Classmates of The Day for - August 6 - Bill Refsland, August 7 -Tom Roberts, August 8 - Bill Oakley, and August 9 - John Aversano!