July 13th, 2008

The Zombie

Rest In Peace, Muriel Kubert

July 12 -  I learned the sad news today that Muriel Kubert has died.  My thoughts go out to her entire family.  Muriel was married to comics legend Joe Kubert for 57 years exactly, passing away on their anniversary.  While I've come to learn that she was a devoted wife and mother, even a civic leader in the Dover, New Jersey, area, I only knew Muriel as the business administrator of my Alma Mater, The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, in Dover.  My memories of her are from when I was a teenage idiot, and she was the tough-as-nails "lady in the office."  I've read some other XQB blog postings about Muriel's passing and have felt the twinge of jealousy (HERE's a really good one).  In the years before I attended the school, the entire operation was more like a family.  Many of those 1976 - 1983 students have talked about how Joe and Muriel were like second parents to them; taking the fledgling cartoonists under wing, sustaining them, then releasing them to fly high in the world of comics.  Whether that was true, or just the impression, in 1984 that changed.  I was among those first students to go to classes in the old Dover High School building, which, by Depression Era design, carefully segregated teachers and administration from the student body.  Oh, I still saw Muriel around, but only when I was in the office, which was not often...and when I was there, it usually wasn't to socialize.  By all accounts, I really missed out on knowing an interesting, strong, accomplished person who raised five great kids and stood by her husband's side through the ups and downs of a comics career.  Godspeed.  Here, in some coincidence, is perhaps the longest-married couple in the history of comics, your Platinum Age Comic Book Characters of The Day for - July 11 - Maggie, and July 12 - Jiggs!

Maggie and Jiggs