July 1st, 2008

The Zombie

...And Keep Reaching For The Scars

June 30 -  So; scars.  Hmm.  I suppose I didn't really delve into the subject as much as I might have, but after years of thinking about my scar-faced character, Vladic, I sort of feel all "scarred out."  Remember, I dropped Vladic as the object of my self-publishing aspirations, in favor of Monkey.  That is partially because I felt that the dark tone of the character just no longer fit with where I was emotionally, but it's also because I felt that his appearance was just a little too "on the nose" (if you'll pardon the pun).  As symbolism - which is how I saw them - Vladic's scars were supposed to be the "secret" insight into the character that only becomes obvious when someone points it out.  Although there was a touch of the Thing's "ugly on the outside, beautiful on the inside" pathos involved, I mostly saw Vladic's swirly mass of facial disfigurement as an allegory for what was going on inside of his head.  Of course, upon reflection, I realized that the "secret" was pretty obvious, so Vladic lost some of his appeal.  Still, I imagine him as a key player in The World of Monkey, even if in a far off, never-will-be-published future issue of T.A.O.M. (say, oh...about issue number twenty or so).  At the beginning of this month, I talked a bit about tracing patterns.  Just as scars are patterns of mis-healing from traumatic events, my characters - those I've been creating, then abandoning, for decades now - are like the patterns of my innermost thoughts kept raw and unhealed in my mind.  And, just like my own physical scars, they will be with me until I die.  Hmm.  It's an odd thought.  If my characters are scars, then my lifelong goal has been to inflict those scars on others...like an infection.  In that way, I am just like Vladic.  Scarred by my experiments with immortality, I continue to wander the universe in search for healing peace, only to find personal failings. 


OK.  So maybe there is still some juice in the Vladic character after all.  I've got to go, so here are your last Scarred Comic Book Characters of The Day for - June 28 - Snake-Eyes, June 29 - X, and June 30 - The Patchwork Man!