June 25th, 2008

The Zombie

Done In, Uh...Three

June 24 -  Let me tell you about my trip to Delavan, Wisconsin.  I visited that fair city on Monday to present a "Done In One" comic book making workshop at the Aram Public Library.  It was a great experience, and the kids were a lot of fun, but...well, no one told them that I'd been contracted for four hours of work.  I think that everyone there assumed that I'd talk for, like, forty-five minutes then split.  Oops.  Perhaps the mix-up came when the person who'd contacted me in the first place, Brian Simons (Hi, Brian!), had some time ago left for a new job (in Verona, right Brian?).  His successor, Katrina Collins (Hey, Katrina!), may not have been aware that the "making a comic" process was a lengthy one.  And a "mix-up" is no big deal, really, but it resulted in a continually dwindling pool of attending kids, eventually leaving just three to do the work of drawing everything (OK, just because of the circumstances, I drew or helped with three panels and lettered yet a fourth)!  Even so, in just a bit over three hours, we all developed a first-class, and short, comic.  It tells a story of two anthropomorphic dogs, Foo Foo and her brother, The Spikester, who have special powers.  The title is, of course, MUTTANTS!  It's pretty funny.  I hope to post the whole thing through the WOMP-Site's Main Page soon.  For now, I have to get back to the ol' drawing board.  Here is your extremely Scarred Comic Book Character of The Day for - Mr. Zsasz!