June 23rd, 2008

The Zombie

Star Slammed!

June 23 -  This is a little awkward for me.  I was going to tell you all about the "Done In One" comic book workshop that I conducted in Delavan, Wisconsin.  It went well, and the resulting comic that the kids made is pretty cool.  I might still talk about soon, but, right now I'm too...I don't know.  Embarrassed?  Shocked?  Distracted?  Whatever it is that I'm feeling, the cause is clear; an e-mail from Walter Simonson...

Weezie didn't come across your question but I did. <g>

Regarding Weezie and the Crustys--I don't think she participated in anything under that name.  She stopped by at Continuity a couple of times but had nothing to do with the Crustys.

I only remember the Crusty Bunkers as a kind of unofficial inking brigade, helping out on what would eventually come to be called 'many-hands jobs' when those jobs were being inked up at Continuity.  I think anybody who was around the studio or drifting through could take a shot at inking.  And actually, I have some doubts that I ever actually inked anything on the jobs credited to the Crustys.  I've seen my name go by with that attribution, but I'd have to see a job that I actually remembered doing a bit of inking on before I really believed it. I'm not saying I never did, but I don't remember any.  I knew about the whole thing, of course.  I think the Crustys were kind of fading out when I was getting into comics.

But again, this was all a long time ago so I'd allow for damaged memory chips.  <vbg>

I do think it's going to be very difficult to identify everybody who ever had a hand in a Crusty' s job.

If Dave Cockrum ever dropped by Continuity, it's entirely possible he might have lent a hand. But I don't have any idea if he did or didn't.  Sorry I can't help you  on that.  In my generation, I would guess that Howard Chaykin would have as good a shot as anybody about remembering those days and the Crustys.


Yowza!  Thanks, Mr. Simonson!  So, there you have it, straight from the dinosaur-shaped-signature's mouth.  It's a big "Probably Not" for Louise Simonson as a Crusty Bunker, a resounding "I Don't Remember But It's Possible" for Walter Simonson as a Crusty Bunker, and a definitive "It Is Within The Realm of Possibility" for Dave Cockrum as a Crusty Bunker.  Which puts us right back into "So Who The Heck WAS A Crusty Bunker?" territory.  When I start up that Crusty page, one of the first things I'm going to do is begin an authentication process, moving names from "Supposed Bunker" to "Reported Bunker" to "Confirmed Bunker."  I am beginning to get a handle on one of the main problems I will face, and it's not the intervening years nor the waning memories.  Instead, the biggest obstacle may be just what constitutes a Crusty Bunker in the first place.  Technically, it would obviously be anyone who contributed to artwork actually credited to The Bunkers.  But I've also seen some artists listed as members of The Crusty Bunkers Studio, as if some uncredited Continuity work (like ad art) was assigned to Bunkers.  In a larger sense, though, it seems as though anyone ever at Continuity has been lumped under the Bunker umbrella, by association, assumption, and the inevitable desire to make the Crusty story maybe just a little bigger and better than it really is.  I suppose, in the creative world of battling barbarians, heroic titans, and space faring swashbucklers, that fact and fiction have become so intertwined that even the participants in these events now wonder what really happened, should come as no surprise.  I've definitely got my work cut out for me, don't I?  Speaking of work, I'd better get back to it.  More tomorrow.  For now, here are two days worth of your Scarred Comic Book Characters of The Day for - June 22 - Cyborg, and June 23 - Deathstroke, The Terminator!