June 11th, 2008

The Zombie

Scars and Swipes

June 10 -  People have e-mailed me, jokingly asking whether I'm still above water.  In light of the dramatic flood video coming out of Wisconsin, I suppose that this is to be expected.  Well, while we here at WOMP H.Q. are comfortably high and (relatively) dry, the same can not be said for my sister and brother-in-law!  Their house is flooded!  Water began creeping into their Portage home's basement on Monday, when my parents happened to be visiting them.  Mom and Dad scooped up my four-year-old nephews and brought them home with them, leaving my sis to fight a rising river with sandbags.  That, by the way, is why I didn't post yesterday.  "Uncle John" had to babysit all day, then "Employee John" had to go to work at the dreaded "real" job into the evening...after which I was too tired to do anything but sleep.  Anyhoo, things have not gotten better for my sister, so now we are all making plans to temporarily relocate her family, and their many, many animals, to Prairie du Chien until the flooding subsides.  Not fun, but at least they've had the time to make plans, unlike others in the area.  I'll keep you posted, just in case you're interested.  Which reminds me, I have some talkin' 'bout scars to catch up with.  Last time, I told you about Greenpatch, the first scarred WOMP character.  Tonight, let me continue my trip down severe skin trauma lane by telling you about Hugo.  

HUGO by John Mundt, Esq.

Based in large part upon two more classic horror movie characters (Frankenstein's Monster and Igor), Hugo is the child-like henchman of twisted genius Professor Kuklafranandollie, the discoverer of the Subatomic Infiniverse (and plot device upon which much of Monkey's world hinges).  He made his "debut" in 1978's
The Origin of Monkey, a story I wrote and drew for my first full-length comic, The First Adventures of Monkey (no issue number, but the cover price of $2.17 is described as "cheap, considering the fact that there are 24 pages and no ads!" so I must have intended it to be a "one off").  I was still twelve, but a lot of story development had gone into Monkey's universe between Greenpatch and Hugo.  Greenie was a goofy lark, originally no deeper than an afternoon of play remembered.  But Hugo, and the others introduced in T.F.A.O.M., were real characters, with complicated back-stories and individual "voices."  In fact, back in the day, I actually provided those voices, literally, when I tape-recorded a "dramatic reading" of the entire comic!  I've listened to it recently (2005?), and it's hilarious (mostly because my voice was so high and squeaky).  Anyway, with Hugo, I studiously designed a character who would, I'd hoped, parody his influences.  Also, his scars hinted that he may have been one the professor's previous experiments.  It's probably the first time that I gave any real thought to the scars that a character had.  A few years later, I'd think about nothing but scars when designing a character.  More on that tomorrow (if the creek don't rise).  Now, here are two days' worth of classic Scarred Comic Book Characters of The Day for - June 9 - Spawn, and June 10 -
Jonah Hex!