June 7th, 2008

The Zombie

Tracing Patterns

June 7 -  Look...if you haven't figured it out by now, my blogging has become spotty recently.  For whatever reason, my once-a-night habit has become a once-in-a-while luxury.  I could try to analyze just why, but that would be a bit like writing a report about my report while I'm writing it.  Instead, I'd like to talk to you about one of the few advantages to getting older; recognizing patterns.  When I was a much younger person, every event that happened to me was singular, each full of the requisite import one might expect to feel when experiencing something unique.  Later, as a not-quite-as-young guy, I would experience things which were eerily similar, or perhaps even nearly identical, to something I'd already done.  That made the events seem interesting, and perhaps either less important because of the repetition, or even more important because there was a pattern.  In fact, during that stage, I paid especially close attention to these perceived foundling patterns, hoping to see in them just what kind of world I was making for myself.  Now, as an old-people-think-I'm-young-but-young-people-think-I'm-old man, I've come to understand that everything does, indeed, have a pattern, an ebb and a flow just as inevitable - and perhaps as comforting - as the tides.  Of course, like a ship in the ocean, you must still decide whether it's worth fighting those tides to get somewhere you want to go, or whether it's better to just accept them, knowing that you've survived doing so before.  So it is with even something as small as The WOMP-Blog.  I began it almost five years ago now, and, looking back, it's pretty obvious that I've had both periods of incessant verbosity and stretches of inexplicable silence.  Rather than try to understand why, I've just succumbed to the pattern of it.  Hopefully, the "ebb" is over for now, and the "flow" is returning.  I'll try my best, but I'm off to a bad start, aren't I?  And I have such a cool "...Of The Day" theme for this month: scars!  Long-time readers may recall that I've often blathered about scars and what they mean when part of a character's design.  Recently, I had a little accident wherein I nearly sliced off the last knuckle of my right pinky finger (again, as WOMP-Blog readers may recall).  No big deal, except that it has since healed awkwardly, leaving an unusual, puffy scar.  As I look at it (ew!), it reminds me of a certain time and place, and even the reason why I got it (feeding cats + clumsy rushing = OUCH!).  It also reminds me of the disproportionately large number - or pattern, if you will - of scarred comic book characters in The World of Monkey, most of which I created when I was a kid.  Over the remainder of this month, I hope to get into that a bit.  To kick things off, then, here are what should have been the Scarred Comic Book Characters of The Day for - June 1 - The Comedian, June 2 - Odin, June 3 - Detective. John Hartigan, June 4 - Ahab, June 5 - Scarface, June 6 - Peg-Leg Pete, and June 7 - Cable!