May 12th, 2008

The Zombie

The Long and Winding Sandwiches

May 10 -  Hey!  More of...

O, Con(ocon) - Part Three
An Oconomic Report

In the short time that I had to actually walk around the Oconocon, I first ran off to the super-secret guest lounge, leaving my Dad to hold down the fort for a few minutes.  Rumor held that, at the end of an incredibly serpentine journey through the entire extent of the Olympia Resort, there was a hidden room that offered free sandwiches and pop and candy and, uh...salad...and maybe...chips?  OK, so the particulars were a little vague, but my grumbling stomach said "let's go," so I did.  This way, that way, up stairs, through tunnels, around corners, and, finally, I found an otherwise-unmarked hotel room door with the correct number on it.  I provided the Secret Comic Book Insiders' Knock (handed down to me in solemn ceremony by Joe Kubert himself), and, ta-da, I was in!  Once there, I grabbed some food, then had a chair at the opposite side of a table where I'd-better-not-identify-them big name guests were trading "really strange fanboy" stories.  I sat quietly, munching away, while stories of Supergirl fetishists and tales of drawings of Maura Tierney as a naked Batgirl filled the air.  While I could have jumped in and told my own stories of peculiar fanboy requests, I decided to just sit back and observe instead (plus, I really wanted to use my mouth for consuming food at the time).  After finishing my little lunch, I grabbed a candy bar and asked the convention volunteer behind the sandwich counter whether their was some other way back to the show floor.  She took me out the back door of the hidden room, guided me through a service door across the hall, and showed me a series of doors down a service hall about twenty feet away.  Yep, the super-secret room was only twenty-five or so feet from the back of the convention floor!  Using the extra time (Dad was expecting me back after about twenty minutes, still five minutes away), I gave everything a quick look.  I came across Douglas Paszkiewicz, artist/creator of darkly humorous Arsenic Lullaby.  While his stuff and my stuff couldn't be more dissimilar, we have often found ourselves as the only mutually familiar faces at dozens of comics cons for about ten years now, so we've struck up a sort of friendship.  Sort of.  Years ago, we were "booth buddies" (set up near each other at Fallcon in the mid 1990's).  Since then, we check in on each other, catch up, and make small talk.  In another world, he and I probably wouldn't even notice each other, but, thanks to comics, we have come to know each other a bit.  And that's pretty cool (at least for me...what he's getting out of it I have no idea).  I always look for Douglas's name on a convention listing, and now look forward to seeing him (and I always buy his latest project...the guy is a serious talent!).  At the Oconocon, there were several other former booth buddies I was hoping to see, but my "wandering time" was up, so I headed back to my own table.  Just in time, too, as we had a sudden flurry of activity.  More on that later.  Now, here is your Hat-Wearing Comic Book Character of The Day - Green Arrow!