May 10th, 2008

The Zombie

Doctor Whooey

May 8 - Here comes another one of those time-displaced entries. Even though it's actually just after 2:00AM on the 10th, here I am pretending to be posting a "May 8" installment of The WOMP-Blog. I'd feel a lot more guilty about my out-of-sync timing if it weren't for a similarly time-displaced influence which has set the bar so low for me that I can't help but ignore it. I am, of course (?), referring to the weekly episodes of the Peter Davison era Doctor Who which our local Iowa PBS station broadcasts. Don't get me wrong, I love The Doctor. As a kid, Doctor Who was part-and-parcel of my nerdy teen years...but it was the long scarf/Fourth Doctor/Tom Baker version. Although I'm thrilled to be able to see the original series broadcast on one of only two PBS stations still showing it all these years later, I must say that some of these Fifth Doctor episodes are just, well...awful. And I don't even mind the cheesy special effects, crappy costumes, nor even early '80's poor-video-quality blahness. I can look past all of that (in fact, it's part of the charm of the show). No, what is "awful" is the writing. Ugh. Not every episode has been a dog, but - oy - some are classic barkers. I guess one's fond memories of such things are much better than the reality of them. Coincidentally, that is probably something with which a time-traveler must cope all the, uh...time. Are things as good now as you remembered them as having been in the future when you visited from the past, or aren't they as bad as you once were going to think they are? Hmm. Now that I've tried it, I guess this time travel writing is a bit harder than it looks. OK, so I'll cut the show some slack...even though I still seriously want to harm whoever suggested adding Turlough to the TARDIS's crew complement. Anyhoo, it struck me as mildly appropriate to discuss this since Peter Davison's Doctor was a hat wearer, unlike most other incarnations who seemed to prefer to let their outlandish hairstyles roam wild (except, of course for the Seventh Doctor, who, one presumes, wore the same Panama hat, but with the brim upturned). Here, then, is what is supposed to have been, and there for was, the 8th's Hat-Wearing Comic Book Character of The Day - Zatanna!