May 7th, 2008

The Zombie

Hats Off To Ya

May 6 -  OK, OK...I'm running late.  I know it, you know it.  It just happened, and I couldn't prevent it.  I'll have to put off the continuation of my Oconocon report until later, but I wanted to get back to hat-wearers for a bit.  As always for these silly lists, I've come up with some equally silly rules for just who can be listed.  For example, a couple of days ago, O.F.O.WOMP Brian Payne asked "Are you including helmets in your 'Hat-Wearing Comic Book Character...' list, or is it limited to fedoras, derbies, ten gallon, and top hats?"  Well, I've arbitrarily decided that "regular" helmets are OK, but not if they also cover a significant part of the face of the wearer (like Dr. Fate's).  Likewise, I've decided that the hat-wearers I'd list should have been depicted wearing their hats during at least 75% of their published histories (for example, Donald Duck won't make the list because he has been more often drawn without his signature sailor hat than with least in the comics).  Lastly, I've tried to limit myself to two wearers per hat style.  Obviously, I could fill a book with cowboy hat wearers, but I'm only listing one or two such characters.  That having been said, I broke the rule when it came to various fedora styles.  After ten-galloners, they are the most common hats in comics (top hats coming in a distant third).  In these cases, I'm going to try to list especially noteworthy examples.  Over all, though, I hope that the list is fun more than it is "authoritative."  Agree with it, argue with it; just have fun.  Speaking of "fun," here's your latest Hat-Wearing Comic Book Character of The Day - Howard The Duck!