February 26th, 2008

The Zombie

One More Day...

February 25 -  Hi!  It just occurred to me that this Leap Year provides all of us with an extra day.  Well...I guess I already knew that Leap Years add a day to our calendar, but what suddenly struck me was that we all have a 366th day in which to accomplish that which we normally try to cram into 365 days.  So, I wondered what to do with my extra whole day.  Right now, as I am struggling to complete all of my backed-up art commissions, I'd be happy to use it to get more work done, but the extra day could be "saved up" for now, to be used at any point later during this year.  Maybe I'll take a day off from everything to just sleep.  I've done that before (during a holiday break back in my college days, I once slept for twelve hours straight, woke to use the restroom, then returned to sleep for another twenty-four uninterrupted hours!), so I haven't actually ruled it out, but I think I can find some better use for a free day.  Maybe I'll donate the time, spending my twenty-four extra hours somewhere "charitable."  I actually like to do that, having just spent several hours helping local students design sets for their middle school play this last week.  Or, maybe I'll stretch the extra day's one-thousand four-hundred and forty minutes out over the course of the remainder of 2008.  Like, for each of the next one-hundred and forty-four days, I could daily set aside ten minutes to exercise or meditate or something.  Yes, all of these are lofty goals, none of which, of course, will ever go any further than this WOMP-Blog entry, but it is fun to think about all of this.  Now, I really have to get back to work.  I've got one hard deadline coming up at 1:50PM on Wednesday, and another on Saturday at 11:20AM (how's that for specific?).  Man, am I glad I've got that extra day in there.  Here are your African American Cartoonists of The Day for the 24th and 25th - "The Irreverent" Billy Graham and Clifford Van Buren, and a BONUS African American Cartoonist of The Day - Alvin C. Hollingsworth (who was also a high school classmate of Joe Kubert!)!