February 9th, 2008

The Zombie

2008? I'm still writing 1995 on my checks...

February 8 -  So, what is the "interesting on-line project" that I teased last night?  It's not much, but I've started a portfolio page on ComicSpace.  The site is a sort of FaceBook/MySpace specifically for comic book folks.  I've uploaded a tiny handful of artwork odds and ends, just to give folks an idea of what I do.  The site also can be used to post a free web-comic, and it even has a feature which allows artists to sell their artwork directly to viewers/readers/surfers.  I might expand on my profile and purpose there later, but, for now, I'm happy with THIS....but not completely happy.  The whole thing has brought up, again, just how behind the times I am.  Without a doubt, my working style and methods are stuck in the 1980's.  Unlike virtually everyone else on ComicSpace, I have no computer-colored "vector art" in my galleries, nor any idea what that really is.  For example, in doing some research for this month's "...Of The Day" feature, I came across the artwork of Rashida Lewis.  Among other things, she self-published Sand Storm, an interesting-looking comic about an ancient Egyptian (super?)heroine.  I must admit that I haven't ever read it, but it certainly looks pretty good (click HERE for more info).  Anyway, here she is, another self-publisher, who is essentially the 2008 version of the 1995 me.  Except...well, except that her comic is in color (which I couldn't afford).  Computer-colored, at that.  Oh, and her stuff is profiled on sites like FaceBook, MySpace, and such.  And it's in development for animation.  And did I mention the Sand Storm mobile device game?  It's going worldwide.  Sigh.  Back in the day, all that I had was cheap promotional giveaways like bookmarks and minicomics...oh, and "Monkey Points."  And that's still all that I have.  I have to draw more than I have been, of course, but I also have to find a way to bridge the current embellishments, promotions, and tie-ins gaps before I'm too far behind.  In fact, I suppose that I should get back to work now.  Here, then, is your African American Cartoonist of The Day - Ted Shearer!