January 17th, 2008

The Zombie

So Are The Days of Our WOMP...

January 16 -  It's been a...well...let's just say it's been an "eventful" week off from the ol' WOMP-Blog.  Right on cue, after lamenting that I haven't been able to post something every day, my new WOMPuter had some big-time trouble (the introductory Norton Anti-Virus subscription ended) and my cold/flu/whatever transmogrified from an annoyance to a debilitating disruption.  Through all of this, our lives have also been in turmoil.  First, we learned that my 98-year-old Grandpa Fry, of whom I write all the time, is in very poor health and has suddenly lost his mental acuity.  I know that it shouldn't shock me that someone nearly a century old may be less than lucid, but it all came on so fast.  He went from doing daily crossword puzzles in ink to forgetting his own name in less than a week.  Grandpa has been moved to an intensive-care hospital room where doctors are doing what they can for him.  I hope to go visit him soon, but also don't want him to catch whatever I have.  I'll try to get back to the WOMP-Blog and such, but I hope you'll understand why I might be distracted.  Today, Wednesday, marked a much needed day off from the dread "real" job...which has been in turmoil as well.  I don't know how much of this I can discuss, but one of my co-workers was just unfairly fired.  We're all stunned, angry, and in general disarray as we must also cover what would have been his scheduled hours.  It's been pretty miserable, especially since A) we all are...were so close, and B) we're now so nervous and uncertain of our own job security in light of the inexplicable, inexcusable canning.  Since I have been so head-throbbingly, gut-churningly, throat-scratchingly sick for weeks (and still dragging myself to a dumb "real" job that's only as permanent as the next assistant manager's whim) my precarious cartooning "career" has been put into sharper focus, too.  And I have tried - believe me - to get art work done while sick, but the quality suffers way too much (and it's not that great to begin with), assuming I could even muster the energy to get anything accomplished in the first place.  The dorky "real" job has always been my parachute, bailing me out financially when I'm either unable to draw, or am between commissions.  It's been ten years since I was last unemployed, but the specter of those lean days have come back to haunt me over the last couple of nights.  Ironically, while the memories of empty pockets, Ramen noodles, and the daily job hunt have been crossing my mind, this is supposed to be Millionaire Comic Book Character Month in the WOMP-Blog.  I really do have some thoughts on that (as I've mentioned for half a month now), but I'd like to put them off for at least another day so that I can finally wrap up my summary of last year with...

The Top Ten WOMP Events of 2007 - Number One

Crusty Bunker Month!  And, man, I really dove into it!  September's WOMP-Blog was jam-packed with the history behind the infamous pseudonym.  I'm clearly not a reporter, but that didn't stop me from prattling on about the amazing stories of The Lives and Time of Crusty Bunker anyway.  Only later did I learn that virtually every WOMP-Blog reader already knew all about those stories...but I'm still pretty proud of what I was able to assemble anyway.  In my posts, I tried (if only for myself) to give a sense of the state of comics, and of the lives of the creators behind them, during that brief period.  "Crusty Bunker" may have only been credited as a comic book inker, but "he" was, it turns out, something like a harbinger of everything that has happened in comics since.  As the month went along, I was thrilled to get several messages of interest or support, including one from a founding Crusty Bunker, Michael Netzer!  His all-too-kind encouragements kept me on track, while his incredible life story reminded me that the Bunkers - nearly all now recognized as comics legends - were, and are, very real people.  And that makes what they did so much more incredible.  My only regret is that I never was able to figure out where they got the name "Crusty Bunker."  Hmm.  Uh, Mr. Netzer...?


So, I should try to get something done now, right?  As I look over the list of 2007's events, I feel...inspired, maybe?  It sure didn't feel like I'd done a darn thing last year, but, well, the tale of the tape says otherwise, I guess.  And so it goes.  While 2008 has gotten off to a rocky start, there's still a very good chance that it will stack up nicely with it's immediate predecessor.  I hope.  Now, here are a whole bunch of backlogged Millionaire Comic Book Characters of The Day for January 12th - Hiram Lodge, January 13th - Maxwell Lord, January 14th - Gar Logan, January 15th - Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks, and for January 16th - Lucius Fox!