January 8th, 2008

The Zombie

A Fog In My Throat

January 7 -  Sorry about the skipped day, but - you guessed it - I'm sick again!  Hooray!  I had just kicked the earlier cold/flu thing, had almost twelve hours of "health," then got socked with this current flu/plague/whatever.  I was literally bedridden for all but twenty minutes on Sunday.  Today, Monday, I had to go into the dread "real" job, so I took every pill in the house, held my head back to redirect the creeping flow of otherworldly mucus, and ventured forth.  The weather, by the way, seemed to match my conditions.  It was so unseasonably warm and foggy all day that everything had the appearance and feel of the bottom of an unkempt aquarium...and I was the sickly goldfish trying to survive the muck.  Fun!  Well, I suppose I should get to the meat of this WOMP-Blog sandwich...

The Top Ten WOMP Events of 2007 - Number Five

 Forbidden WOMP Characters!  Throughout October's WOMP-Blog, I exposed some of my most ridiculous, insipid, embarrassing, and plain awful characters to the light of day.  For years, I've carefully kept these "forbidden" characters hidden in the anonymity of my seldom seen school-days comics or more recent story concept work.  For whatever reason, though, I decided to show the world exactly how terrible or otherwise unusable each character was.  In this examination of what I think I've done wrong (as opposed to what I might believe I've done correctly), I hope that readers learned as much about what makes a character seem viable, or not, as I did.


Now, here's a double-shot of your Millionaire Comic Book Character of The Day for January 6th - Morgan Edge, and your Millionaire Comic Book Character of The Day for January 7th - Carol Ferris!