January 2nd, 2008

The Zombie

Hello, 2008!

January 1 -  Welcome, young 2008!  Come in, come in...get out of the cold.  Here, let me take your coat.  Don't worry about taking off your shoes, just try to knock as much snow off of them as you can.  There.  Now, would you like a cup of coffee, or maybe hot chocolate?  OK.  I'll be right back...just have a seat anywhere. 

Here you go.  Careful, it's hot.  Now, let's talk, shall we?

I wanted to talk to you a little about your predecessor, old 2007.  People are going to compare the two of you - that's just the way it is - but I want to help you to avoid making the same mistakes that 2007 did.  I'm in your corner. 

First and foremost, you have got to give us all some hope.  I don't care how you do it; end the war, lower gas prices, cure a disease...just do something that makes us all believe that there is some sort of hope for a better future.  2007 promised to do some of that, but, well...fell far short.  I don't want you making any similar promises, I want you to just do it!  OK?

How's that hot chocolate?  Good?  Good.  Now, I have another request, and I must admit that it's something just for me.  You may not realize this, but I have recently had some sorta lackluster years here at WOMP Headquarters.  Could you, if possible, bring me some "oomph" in the cartooning area?  You know, like a big paying job, or a sudden increase in my talent level?  If you could, that would be great.

One last thing.  Look; you are going to have your hands full, what with the war ending and disease curing and all.  In fact, you'll be so busy that you might want to make it easy on yourself by just giving my family and friends a good, healthy year without any troubles now.  That way, you don't have to worry about it later.  Please?  Thanks, bud.

Well, I know you have to get going, so I won't keep you any longer.  Let me help you with your coat.  Bundle up, be careful out there.  And don't slip on the ice!  See ya later, buddy...

...Oh, and 2008?  Remember; we are all pulling for you.  Thanks, pal!


Now, on to other stuff.  First, I have a weird "treat" for you all.  Starting "today" (which, in keeping with the traditions of years past, is really more than a day later than the supposed "January 1"), I will be nightly counting down a list of...

The Top Ten WOMP Events of 2007

I say "weird" because, for some of you, it will mean an extra step to view all of it.  As you might know, I post these deathless musings first within my WOMP-Site as The WOMP-Blog, then I paste them to my LiveJournal WOMP-Blog Archives.  Until now, the entries have been identical, with the exception of page layouts.  That ends tonight!  As I post the "Top Ten" list, images will accompany the daily entries as they appear in the WOMP-Blog Archives!  Finally!  So, for you more traditional WOMP-Blog readers, you may want to check it out using the WOMP-Blog Archives link.  Here, then, is...

The Top Ten WOMP Events of 2007 -
Number Ten

Caricature Drawing!  For the...fourth year?  Fifth year?  For sometime now, I've been drawing my cartoon portrait caricatures for After-Proms and other special occasions in my extended community area.  In 2007, however, I set up my easel at an amazing twenty-seven different events!  Yowza!  No wonder my arm hurts!  Starting right away at the annual Eagles Club Telethon here in Prairie du Chien, and not including any such caricatures drawn while I was sitting in my office, I figured that I drew at least two-thousand faces, which I have since rounded up to a year-matching two-thousand seven, just to be memorable.  Yep.  And "2007" may be a low estimate, considering the hundreds of faces I drew at a couple of those events.  It will be years before I match or top that single year total!


And now there's the question of the "...Of The Day" feature.  Over the last two months of 2007, I tried a little experiment with my entry-ending tags, but I'm back to an actual theme this month.  I hope to really get into it, too, as I've been considering this particular subject since October.  Without further ado, then, I leave you with your first Millionaire Comic Book Character of The Day - Bruce Wayne!