December 30th, 2007

The Zombie

What? No Dick Van Dyke?

December 29 -  OK.  So the last few days have been pretty crazy.  Yes, Christmas, with all of its hustle and bustle, ate up a good chunk of the past week, but most of the time-swallowing events involved artwork projects, snow removal, and the flu.  Those three factors hit WOMP Central like a plague of locusts, and it was all we could do to just try to survive everything.  Today has been a much needed day of recovery, even though it was still marked by two hours of snowblower fun and a constant stream of sniffles.  Still, this marks the first time in a long while that I've had the time and energy to post something here in the ol' WOMP-Blog, so I'd better get to it with a no-particular-order list of -

Things I Want To Tell You Before The Year Is Over

1) Future Imperfect.  For reasons only understood by greedy pinheaded corporate suits, Futurama is being yanked from the Cartoon Network's {adult swim} programming line-up.  Yep, after years of being my nightly TV companion, Futurama is soon to be gone from their airwaves...and probably my life.  Oh, I suppose I can get the DVDs (assuming I could afford them), or try to find it on Comedy Central (assuming it won't be shown opposite David Letterman), but there is something comforting about seeing the same handful of episodes broadcast over and over again, always at the same time.  And I will miss it.  I'll miss Leela, Bender, and Fry of course (by the way, have I ever told you that my uncle's name is actually Philip J. Fry?).  And I'll miss Zoidberg, Hermes, Amy, and Professor Farnsworth.  But, after so many multiple viewings, I know that I'm losing much more than just these main characters.  I'm losing Lord Nibbler, Scruffy, and Morbo, the news monster.  "Goodbye" also to Harold Zoid, Richard Nixon's head, Calculon, and Lrrr of Omicron Persei 8.  "So long" to suicide booths, Bachelor Chow (now with flavor), anarchist greeting cards, Slurm, All My Circuits, impromptu performances of Single Female Lawyer, Captain Yesterday, Xmas, Star Trek planet, delicious Popplers, and the equally delicious Earthican flag, Ol' Freebie.  "See ya later," whalers on the Moon and evil Momcorp.  "Catch ya on the flip-side," disembodied heads of Beck and The Beastie Boys.  "All hail," Hypnotoad.  "Farewell, to the world of tomorrow!"

2) Speaking of, I mean Christmas...  Santa was pretty good to me.  I got books about Marvel and DC comics, the Star Wars pop-up book, a 1980's counterculture underground publication called Radio Is My Bomb, a huge vintage tie-rack, and a hideously beautiful 1970's frilly, gold tuxedo shirt still in original packaging.  Hmm.  I think it's safe to say that my wife and family know me pretty well.  Scary.  Without any doubt, and in spite of my best efforts, I definitely got better than I gave.  I'd feel worse about that...but I'm too busy enjoying all my cool new stuff!

3) Now He Tells Us.  Now that the holidays are nearly over, I can finally talk about a few of the now-completed projects that had so swamped me.  Most, as I mentioned earlier, were cartoon portraits (twenty-two in all), which included drawings of a dog with a baby, a Duke football player, a rodeo star (in his clown persona), and a beloved Grandpa surrounded by the grandchildren he left behind.  I also added some color to a mural of Chief Black Hawk that I drew in October, produced a hand-drawn trading card featuring Max "Nosferatu" Shreck, designed a handful of fantasy races for that still-super-secret project I'm working on, and I did some preliminary sketches for a coloring book.  All of that sounds good, but it must be tempered with my failure to complete several other projects on time.  If I hadn't gotten this nasty flu, I might have been able to do them all.  Some of these I might still salvage a little, but I'm afraid that there are going to be too many people cursing my name as a jerk who let them down.  As I ran out of time, I did make sure that all projects that were intended as gifts were completed...except two.  One is due later (like in a couple of days), but the other, well...I just blew it, I guess.  Part of the problem with being "self-employed" is that no-one fills in for you when you're sick.  I'll try to make amends, but I'm not optimistic.  And I'm still sick.

4) Brian Power.  I've been meaning to tell you that the oft-mentioned Official Friend of WOMP, Brian Payne, has joined the blogger community!  Click HERE to visit his fledgling LiveJournal blog.  Show him some love, won't you?

5) Snow More.  According to voices coming from my radio, this has been the snowiest Wisconsin December ever recorded.  EVER.  Although that's hard to believe, I guess that I did today find myself burrowing a trough through neck-high snow just to clear a path for my parents to reach their mailbox.  Some of that "accumulation" was created by snowplows, but, well, I still think that the voices in the radio must know what they're talking about.

6) Patriot Game.  The New England Patriots just won their final, and record-tying/breaking regular season game, by besting the New York Giants.  It was a classic, too.  We here at WOMP, being members of the Packer Nation, had no particular favorite in the competition, but cheered mostly for the underdog Giants.  It's still hard to cheer for any team that has Randy Moss...but, by game's end, that's what we did anyway.  By playing on such an unprecedented stage, and by trailing so much so late before assembling a slim victory, The Patriots may have won us over...temporarily, at least.  Remember, there is a very real chance that Super Bowl 42 will feature The Pats versus The Pack.  We'll see, I guess.

There's more, I suppose, but I'm running out of steam.  If everything goes as planned (and it really never does), I hope to offer some fun little featurettes in 2007's final WOMP-Blog installments.  Now, here's your Just One Awful Comic Book Character (That Must Have Been Created Merely To Get Free Football Tickets) of The Day - NFL SuperPro!