December 19th, 2007

The Zombie

Here Come the Grouchy, Grinchy, Growlies...

December 18 -  Still running late.  Another Dick Van Dyke feature last night (Night at the Museum), and another sixteen straight hours of drawing.  The dread "real" job has asked that I work several hours of over-time in the upcoming days (including in just a few minutes), so I may be too tired to post anything after such an increase in my workload.  It won't be long before my both-ends-burning candle will be out.  I'm sure that the same is true for all of you, as well.  The holidays often add extra work to just about any job, from garbage collector to President.  I suppose that's partly why many people become grouches and Grinches about it all.  As for me, I'm still able to ward off the Christmas growlies by focusing on my work.  Closer to the 25th?  Maybe not so much.  Gotta go.  Here's your Just One Mage of Ancient Atlantis Comic Book Character of The Day - Arion!