December 18th, 2007

The Zombie

It's a jolly holiday with you, Bert!

December 17 - Normally, I produce my artwork to the background noise/visuals of broadcast television.  Right now, though, I have no cable hook-up to the set in my office (long story).  So, while I've been working, I have been relegated to viewing old videos and DVDs to keep me entertained and, often, awake.  Strangely, for whatever reason, this has become something of a Dick Van Dyke Festival!  I've seen six episodes of his 1960's TV show, his first film (Bye Bye Birdie), and the special 40th Anniversary two-disc version of Mary Poppins (which includes hours and hours of material).  And I didn't really plan to do this, it just sort of happened.  It's been fun, though.  Now, I'm thinking about finding some Diagnosis Murder episodes (even though I never liked that show) just to keep with the theme.  On a related note, I've actually seen some brand-new films in a movie theater, just like real people!  The WOMP Staff and I saw the final two-thirds of I Am Legend (we were treated to the show by The Staff's volunteer-firefighter brother, who was, understandably, running late).  Then, during yesterday's "babysitting" (kidsitting?), The Staff and I took our niece and nephew to Fred Claus.  Yes, two movies in as many days!  That's like some sort of record for us (if you don't include Titanic, which, starting almost exactly ten years ago, we saw 19 times in the theater, often in successive days).  It seems like, in spite of how much extra work (and stress?) the season brings, it also brings movies.  I'd love to see a few more, but there aren't too many that seem interesting to me.  Now, if only Dick Van Dyke would release a new film, I'd be all set!  Well, gotta get back to it.  Here's your Just One Magical Gemstone-Inspired Princess Comic Book Character of The Day - Amethyst!