December 17th, 2007

The Zombie

Because it comes only once a year...

DECEMBER 16th -  Happy December 16th, everyWOMP!  Yes, I am writing this just after it has become December 17th, but, considering how busy I have been, I'm very happy that I am able to post anything!  Now, even though it is too late to be timely, I wanted to offer my felicitations on this most special of holidays.  It was, indeed, a happy December 16th here at WOMP Headquarters, where a small party took place (me, The Staff, and The Staff's niece and nephew), presents were exchanged, and the Packers won.  Perfect!  For any of you who have no idea why I'm making such a big deal out of a seemingly "ordinary" day, I suppose I should direct you to for more info.  For the rest of you, I offer my quick apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days.  One of the aspects of having a bunch of Christmastime art commissions is that they really need to be done well in advance of Christmas.  Heck, one piece is intended to adorn a family's Christmas cards!  I really do have to get back to it, but I first wanted to post some more of those completely worthless "Just One" features that should have been posted in entries from the 13th to today.  They are your Just One Pink Nightmare Beast Comic Book Character of The Day - Spot (Stanley Dover's Monster),  Just One Cute Goth Avatar of Finality Comic Book Character of The Day - Death, Just One Inexplicably Bearded Vampire Comic Book Character of The Day - Dracula, and Just One Obscenely Wealthy Child Comic Book Character of The Day - Richie Rich!