December 10th, 2007

The Zombie

11) Lists are easy blog posts.

December 8 -  Another wrinkle in time today.  Yes, it's my birthday.  Hooray!  I am now 119 years young, and ready for 119 more.  As this marks, amazingly, my fifth birthday of The WOMP-Blog Era, I suppose I shouldn't break with my tradition of posting a list of...

Top Ten Things I've Actually Learned In My Life (So Far)

10) I do not take a good photograph, whether as photographer or subject.
9)  Revenge is a dish best served on YouTube.
8)  My little sister is now about the same age as I am.  How did that happen?
7) Don't skimp on the quality of your shoes or belt.  Trust me.
6)  People stop aging, literally, after about 90!  REALLY!  If not for illnesses, etc., nonagenarians would then live forever!
5)  No one is "normal."
4)  The more you look at something, the more you think of it as yours.  Weird, but true.
3)  There is beauty all around us...just don't let your wife catch you checking it out (don't worry, it's just a joke!).
2)  Glass Plus is 100% better than Windex.
1) Everything around you probably seems to get worse as you get older because you actually get better.  I hope.

So, what do I plan to do between now and my 120th birthday?  My goals are simple, even if my dreams are still too big to fit into reality.  Should I survive another trip around the sun, I hope that I will have done so without offending too many, disappointing anyone, nor neglecting those big dreams entirely.  Oh, and I hope that I win millions of dollars in the lottery (as long as I'm wishing, well...what the heck?).  Tonight, I leave you with the last of my "Just One More" featurettes, your Just One More "Forbidden"WOMP Character of The Day - Venumia, the Gargoyle Queen!