December 6th, 2007

The Zombie

Top Ten Strange Christmastime Art Commissions

December 5 -  Howdy, y'all.  Well, it's official; it's Christmastime.  Why do I say that?.  No, it's not the constant barrage of Christmas carols heard blaring in every store, the red and green colored advertisements that fall out of every newspaper and magazine, nor even the snowy moonscape that replaced the usual view out our front window.  Nope.  I know that Christmas is approaching primarily because I have a flood of weird little art jobs on my docket.  I've got several caricatures to draw (or, you know; cartoony's not like I draw the big-nose, buck-teeth, little-body-skateboarding kinds of caricatures that the word conjures).  In addition, I have a stack of the kinds of oddball, off-the-wall commissions that have been a hallmark of my cartooning "career" for the last twenty or so Decembers.  I don't want to spoil anyone's possible gift by telling you about this year's particular projects, but I can provide this list of my...

Top Ten Strange Christmastime Art Commissions

10) Portrait of Richard Petty - although I am a big NASCAR fan, so that wasn't too crazy, really.
9)  Political cartoon critical of John Kerry - what can I say?  Republicans have money, and I have to eat.
8)  A horse dining at a table - seen (at least for now) at the bottom of my Cartoonist For Hire page.
7)  Lana Lang, as the Insect Queen, specifically depicted without shoes - I...I don't get it...but I did get paid.
6)  An old, decrepit, talking air-vent next to a new, "healthy," talking air-vent - it was weird, but pretty cool.
5)  T-shirt design featuring a sad baby holding a porkchop - I think there was some sort of vegetarian point to it.
4)  Faux Sci-Fi poster - I thought I'd made up the title, They Came For Our Women!, but it might've been a real film!
3)  An entire family caricatured as superheroes - my favorite was little Elektra girl.
2)  An old man meeting his boyhood dog at the Gates of Heaven - which was pretty sweet, actually.
1)  Bewildered chickens with swollen feet - done for the same folks as was the air-vents art.

This year has a couple which might bump some of the above off of next year's list!  Gotta go now.  Here's your Just One More Mystery Theme (College Graduate) Comic Book Character of The Day - Dr. Strange!