December 5th, 2007

The Zombie

Here's the story...

December 4 -  Hey!  Two WOMP-Blog entries in a row!  It's gotta be some kind of record, I'd bet.  Of course, I really don't have anything to talk about (having said that, I am historically required to add "not that such a condition has ever stopped me").  Hmmm.  I suppose that I could point out that I have updated the "WOMP Character of the Week" on my Main Page.  It's now Dr. Wizardo, Master of The Mystic Arts.  Yes, his name is supposed to be silly.  That's part of his story.  Oh, and, speaking of stories, I told you yesterday that I've moved The Forbidden Territory to the Story page, but I forgot to tell you that there are a few new paragraphs posted there as well (just a bit more than had appeared in November's WOMP-Blog).  When I write something new there again, I'll let you know.  It may not be too soon, especially since I have a large number of art commissions due soon (Christmas gifts, of course).  In fact, I suppose I should get to some of them.  Here is your Just One More Comic Book Editor of The Day - Bob Harras!