December 4th, 2007

The Zombie

Let's try this again...

December 1, 2, & 3 -  OK.  So...what was that all about?  November, 2007, will just have to go down in the books as my Mulligan Month.  After four years of posting nearly every day, I suppose that it was only inevitable that I'd have a month like the last one.  Ugh!  Lets' see.  What didn't go wrong?  As you know, the month started with the poorly timed passing of the old WOMPuter (hereafter referred to as "WOMPuter Classic"), the breaking-in of WOMPuter 4.0 (henceforth referred to as just "WOMPuter"), and the end of a very successful, but thoroughly overwhelming, Fallfire contest.  Then I tried to write a story based on my "forbidden" characters.  Oh, and I began working twice as often as normal at my dorky "real" job.  What I have not been able to tell you until now is that, in addition to these forces of inaction, Homestead, the site which hosts The WOMP-Blog (as well as the rest of, was sold to Intuit, "the makers of amazing products like QuickBooks, Quicken and TurboTax."  Almost immediately, I had trouble with everything, in spite of assurances that I'd "notice almost no changes."  On top of all of that, I've been sort of sick, off and on.  Yes, it's been fun.  Now, though, it's time to get back on track, at least a little.  To do so, I've decided to move my fledgling tale, The Forbidden Territory, to the Story page of the WOMP-Site.  There, I will work on it when I have the time, rather than clog up The WOMP-Blog with smatterings and snippets.  Also, to save time and trouble, I will continue my "Just One More" idea through these first few days of December, starting right now as I wrap this all up with your Just One More Pantsless Comic Book Character of The Day - Yogi Bear!