November 15th, 2007

The Zombie

Five Steps to Recovery

November 15 -  So, here's my plan.  Step One - Apologize.  I'm sorry that I've been away for a bit.  Well, not "away," exactly.  More like "awash."  Still, in spite of the crud-load of stuff that came at me over the last two weeks or so, I should have at least let you know that I was alive.  Sorry.  As you may recall, I suck.  OK, Step Two - Re-cap.  I have to get you up to speed on a couple of things.  Some of the stuff that has happened has been barely worth doing, nonetheless reporting, but there have been a couple of interesting developments here at WOMP Headquarters.  First, I was honored by the Prairie du Chien Historical Society for my contributions over the last year.  What?!  All I did was paint a couple of very poor backdrops for museum displays, then draw caricatures for an annual fundraiser.  It's not like I did anything big.  That was nice, though.  Second, I should tell you that I am in the preliminary stages of illustrating a new book series.  I don't want to mess up the deal at this point by telling you which series, but I can tell you that it is a very large fantasy-adventure series.  Right now, I'm just sketching around with some concept drawings, but, if things work out, I could be on board for, well...years, maybe.  Thirdly, I wrapped up the Fallfire art contest with an awards ceremony and art show last Saturday, the 10th.  Due to a scheduling conflict, it was sparsely attended (about thirty people, including The WOMP Staff), but it was still very nice.  Attendees spoke about their entries, read their poems, and enjoyed each others' company.  I also laid the groundwork for both a Fallfire Committee for 2008, and the resumption of community theatre here in town.  See?  I told you that I've been busy.  Let's see, Step Three - Reminisce.  While I've been, awash, The WOMP-Blog had it's birthday.  Yep, TW-B turned four years old.  Tradition says that I should tell you the...

Top Ten Things I've Learned From Four Years of WOMP-Blogging

10) I still don't really know what I'm doing.  I mean, just why the heck am I even maintaining a blog in the first place?
9) The Internet is forever.  I still get the odd e-mail comment every once in awhile regarding stuff I wrote years ago.
8) In just four short years, blogs went from "cutting edge" to "old fashioned."  And that's OK with me.
7) I write too much in The WOMP-Blog.
6) I write too little in The WOMP-Blog.
5) Unlike just about everything else that I've done with any repetition (keep your minds out of the gutter, now), I have not gotten any better nor faster at typing.  Still "hunt and peck" for me!
4) It's been interesting to see that some of the things I've written have taken on lives of their own (discussions of pantslessness, for example, will probably out-live me).
3) Lists are easier to post than real entries.
2) The WOMP-Blog has been a surprising medium for communicating not just with anonymous readers, but for talking to, and making, friends.
1) It's cheaper than therapy.

Now, Step Four - Write.  Over the course of the next few days (starting tomorrow...I promise), I am going to begin to post a story that I've been mulling over since last month.  Based on the concept of my so-called "forbidden" characters, it is called, appropriately, The Forbidden Territory.  Right now, it's a rough outline.  By the time I'm done, I hope that it will be a fun short story.  Tune in tomorrow to check it out.  Finally, Step Five - "...Of The Day."  So, the month is now half over, and I'm not about to backdate a bunch of "...Of The Day" features for days where I didn't even have a working WOMPuter, so I came up with an idea.  No, it's not Computer Glitch of The Day, as suggested by O.F.O.WOMP Brent Frankenhoff, but, rather, a sort of "follow-up" tribute to the "...Of The Day" features of the past.  I'm calling it Just One More, and it starts right now with Just One More Comic Book Character Secret Identity of The Day - Jack Ryder!