November 14th, 2007

The Zombie

"...Off The Day"

November...uh, 13?  14? -  Well, all things are still running at about half power here.  True to its finicky predecessors, WOMPuter 4.0 is not acting properly.  Like a kid at Grandma's house, it is doing things that those from whom we got it swear it never does.  The worst problem is that the keyboard often moves type to elsewhere on a page in the middle of a sentence.  It sorta lolike thisoks.  It's very annoying, especially to someone like me, who must look at the keys as he types.  I'll finish a sentence, then look up, only to see everytwas all jumbled uphing that I'd typed.  Ugh.  Oh, and other stuff has been happening, too.  Lots of stuff.  First and foremost, I completely admit that this year's Fallfire art contest kicked my butt.  It tapped me to the bottom of my reserves, and I am only just now recovering.  This year, there were an astounding ninety-seven entries!  NINETY-SEVEN!!  Sheesh.  Anyhoo, because of all of this, I'm still just so, I don't  That's about it; I'm "off."  I have no "...Of The Day" feature planned, no real work done on my planned story about "forbidden" characters, and no idea where I'm going from here.  I hope to use the next couple of days to get things back on track, so please bear with me for a little while, if you would.  I've got a plan.  Step One?  Get some sleep!  I hope to talk to you all again tomorrow,  See ya!!