November 4th, 2007

The Zombie

WOMPuter 4.0

November 4/5 -  Uh, hi.  I'm back, I think.  Believe it or not, I am typing this from WOMPuter 4.0, an actual laptop computer (just like I seen once in one o' them magic pitcher shows).  The fates conspired to have the once mighty WOMPuter croak right when our "Christmas Club" account became available, AND Wal-Mart had this nearly $700 laptop on super-secret sale for less than half of that!  So, here it is, and we are still trying to get WOMPuter 4.0 figured out, so I'm going to take another short hiatus from the WOMP-Blog.  I have a lot of Fallfire art contest stuff to get ready for the announcement of winners on Monday.  The hardest part will be posting the winning works on the Fallfire site, especially since I am not positive that I can hook our scanner up to this new computer.  Or our camera, for that matter.  UGH!  I'd better get to it.  Thanks for the patience!  See ya soon!