November 1st, 2007

The Zombie

It's always about me, isn't it?

October 31 -  Happy Belated Halloween, I guess.  I can't say that it was very good for me.  Too many tricks, not enough treats.  Most disconcerting?  The once mighty WOMPuter crashed again, right in the middle of downloading a Fallfire art contest entry.  Now, I'm trying to squeak by with a fan on the unit as I quickly type this entry.  Let's get to it while I can.  So, here's the final "Forbidden" WOMP Character of The Day - Me!  A couple of days ago, O.F.O.WOMP Nathan DeHoff touched upon this in a comment about the October 28th entry.  Recalling his own youthful, perhaps now "forbidden" characters, he said -

Yeah, I can get really nostalgic thinking back on some of my old creations, and there are probably some of them that I can still use. I did bring back the planet of Kravoo (which I created back in fifth or sixth grade) for a college writing exercise. I think the most embarrassing aspect of a lot of my old stories is that I kept using myself as a character, which I now think is generally not a good idea.

Over and over again, I have, even when planning to avoid the situation, used myself as a character in my comics.  I appeared in virtually every version of comic book that I've ever created.  Sometimes, like in The Adventures of Monkey #1, I'll merely drop in for a Hitchcockian cameo.  At other times, like within my childhood Monkey comics, or in my much more recent 24 Hour Comic, Continuity Crisis, I'm a main character.  Heck, I'm even listed in my own Encyclopidia of John Mundt's Cartoon Characters and Names.  Well, that's gotta stop.  I have to move away and on.  Of course, "John," the little boy who befriends Monkey (as well as singlehandedly protects Monkey's entire Universe), will still be a character, but he won't be "me," necessarily.  He'll be more of an idealized "me," complete with no given last name.  No, I'm forbidding myself from drawing...uh, myself.  The "real" me.  Not that every version of me that I've drawn hasn't been idealized in some way.  Well, almost all of them were.  There was, of course, the critical self-portrait I drew of myself as Jabba The Mundt (and even he had better hair than I really do). Then, last month, I was doodling around, drawing little portraits of some of the non-forbidden WOMP characters, including The King of Doom.  For those of you who never read TKOD's origin story in the wrestler-themed special issue of O.F.O.WOMP Geoff Hamerlinck's Minty Comic, he is basically a fat, balding brute who disguises his supervillainy behind a popular professional wrestling career.  Anyhoo, when I finished his little drawing the other day, something about it looked...I don't know, just odd, somehow.  Then it hit me.  I grabbed a pen, drew a pair of glasses and greasy combed-back hair on him, and, ta-da; a perfect self-portrait! Yes, worse than turning into my Dad (as I often worried I offense, Dad), I've actually turned into one of my own vile villain characters!  ACK!  I am The King of Doom!  Is art imitating life?  Is life imitating art?  Actually, it's probably both.  Most artists are, at least a little, their own models.  I suppose that it shouldn't surprise me that some of my characters bear some actual resemblance to me.  Back in my Joe Kubert School days, I learned that I could easily see the faces of my classmates in the faces of their characters.  So, it makes sense to drop myself as an active character, because I am already infused into every single character I draw, from Albaric to The Zit....oh, wait.  Those guys are "forbidden" now.  Or are they?  OK, I'll let you all in on a secret; I'm working on a new short story which will - ugh - feature as many of this month's "forbidden" characters as possible.  CRAZY!  Still, it's proving to be fun...I just hope I get the chance to post it before the WOMPuter crashes aga