October 23rd, 2007

The Zombie

Mothballs. Yep...Mothballs. Geez...

October 22 - "Forbidden" WOMP Character of The Day - Mothballs!  Enough with the heavy stuff.  While yesterday's unfortunate character had every reason to become forbidden, Mothballs has only one; his name.  What do you imagine when you hear the name "Mothballs?"  Not a talking elephant, I'd wager, but that's what Mothballs was.  Based on a vintage hand-puppet that I got from a "great aunt" (who, I later discovered, was actually just an elderly friend of my parents), Mothballs got his name from his overpowering smell.  An amiable, childlike character, Mothballs was generally used more to narrate a story than to be featured within it.  Who knows why?  Years later, when I was looking to revamp my childhood creations, I gave Mothballs a "good goin' over," and had worked him into a fairly decent "updated" character before I came to a roadblock.  I realized that I just couldn't divorce Mothballs from his name.  With a different name, he seemed like just another cartoon animal, but with the name, he was too out-of-sync with the other reworked WOMP characters.  In the end, Mothballs became "forbidden" because I just could not translate him to what I was intending to do.  Even so, I may still find a way to use him...perhaps as one of Dan's favorite toys.  In fact, I've already done this with one of my other otherwise forbidden childhood toy-characters.  Dan's teddy bear, Pookers, is actually based directly on my own early toy, except that mine was named Ted E. Bear (of course).  Hmm.  For that matter, there are two elephants shown on page four of The Adventures of Monkey #1 which are virtual clones of Mothballs.  Since one is a kid elephant character, maybe he actually is Mothballs!  Maybe.  I'll have to do some more thinking about that.