October 12th, 2007

The Zombie


October 11 -  "Forbidden" WOMP Character of The Day - Dredlokt!  This character is from more recent years...which doesn't mean that it is any less stupid than those I created when I was a kid.  First imagined in about 1998, Dredlokt came to me the way that many of my characters do; as an out-of-the-blue drawing.  Basically, he was a tech-armored, Iron-Man-like figure with built-in dreadlocks coming from his helmet.  Honoring the ages-old tradition of changing a few letters in a descriptive word to "create" a name, I first came up with Dreadlok, but removed the "a" and added the "t" to better differentiate him from Marvel's Deathlok.  And that's it.  Before I could even begin to imagine a back story, I looked at the character and thought "Oh, wait...this is stupid."  That's hard to do, especially without the advantage of much hindsight.  Whenever, and however, I begin to imagine a new character, it's a bit like projecting a future for a newborn child.  It's a boy?  Maybe he'll be a football star, or a neurosurgeon, or an armored superhero with dreadlocks.  It's difficult to give up on those projections, and almost impossible to do so when you're first imagining them.  Still, Dredlokt stunk so bad that even I could smell it.  I may find a way to revitalize him some day, but, for now, he is "forbidden."  Ok, now it's -

None Like It Hot  -  WOMP's 2007 FallCon Report

Part Three - Somehow, we made it through Saturday, crazy high temperatures and all.  By the end of the day, literally sick and tired from dehydration, we had a revelation.  We had sold a few pieces of artwork, a couple of comics, and a signed copy of The Collected Short Stories of L.Frank Baum (that to O.F.O.WOMP Derek Anderson, who, by the way, also finally decided on his prize for winning The WOMP-Blog's "Guess The Mystery Theme" contest, namely an original drawing of the three founding members of The Legion of Super-Heroes).  And that seemed good enough.  What remained, like individual copies of The Adventures of Monkey, Oziana, and some small art pieces, requires a bit of "hand selling" to prospective customers.  Because of the heat, no-one really wanted to stand in the same place long enough to hear a sales pitch, and, because of the low price-points of the items (most in the two dollar range), we'd have to sell a LOT to make it financially worth just sitting so long in one spot ourselves.  We made a decision, a tough one, to just pack up and gift our Sunday spot to one of the three "next-door" artists sharing a table meant for two.  Yep, for the first time ever, I bailed.  I just couldn't take it.  I love that show, and those people, but I just couldn't put myself, nonetheless my long-suffering wife, through that kind of miserable heat again.  Still, we resolved to return the next day to see our friends and to tour the convention looking for bargains.  So, come Sunday, that's what we did.  After a night spent recuperating in a hotel room with the air conditioner set on 67 degrees, we ventured back into the Inferno.  As we did, it marked the first time ever that my wife and I have together wandered through a comic book convention.  EVER!  It's official; I've turned The WOMP Staff into a nerd.  As we schlepped, it was she who would grab my arm and say "Ooh, look!  Star Wars Christmas ornaments!"  and "Why is Darth Vader so short, and the Stormtrooper 'protecting him' so tall?  Shouldn't that be the other way around?"  We talked to the people at the Vault Comic Mailers table (a side note to Vault's friendly Vice President, Michael Turek; we really, really did just flat-out forget to pick up some mailers before we left.  SORRY!  Look for our order at vaultcomicmailers.com soon), got some Star Wars toys (and, yes, ornaments), snagged a few reduced-price graphic novels (Torpedo, Elric, and, um...others I guess I can't recall right now), stocked up on some artist materials, and bought an absolutely awesome J'onn J'onzz DC Direct Deluxe action figure (for just $15.00...the steal of the show!).  We also made a point of seeing Katie Cook, of whom we have both become big fans.  I can feel it in my fan-guts; Mz. Cook is going to "explode" soon, having just added to her creds as an official artist for Star Wars and Lord of The Rings with artwork and hand-drawn "Artist Sketch Card" premium inserts for Rittenhouse's DC Comics trading cards and Topps' Heroes cards!  She also has some sort of super-secret project in the works that threatens to make "Katie Cook" a household name!  At FallCon, Katie had all sorts of nifty things for sale, the niftiest of which may have been trading-card sized paintings for just $5.00 each.  One such painting, of Yoda, called to us, so we had to add it to our Katie Cook collection.  At the other end of the same aisle (if not the other end of the spectrum) was comic book artist Gordon Purcell, who was selling from his stacks and stacks of inked comics work.  The price, three pages for twenty-five bucks, was too good to pass up, so we fished out three that had some resonance with us.  Two, which came from an educational comic about the writing of the U.S. Constitution, featured beautiful portraits of early Presidents, and a third page, from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles #7, featured not just an elderly Indy/Harrison Ford, but an ancillary character who was clearly modeled on Mr. Purcell himself.  After making our rounds as consumers, we made sure that we checked in one last time with O.F.O.WOMPs Chad and Lee Corrie (of Aspirations Media), and with Maxxximum Madcap (of Funny Bone Productions).  Then, our arms burdened with piles of cool things, and our clothes drenched with sweat, we hit the road, arriving back at WOMP H.Q. at about the time we normally get out of the Twin Cities.  I hope that, in light of my admission that we bailed on Sunday, we are still invited back next year, but, if not, maybe we'll actually just show up as fans!  See ya!