September 18th, 2007

The Zombie

"A Crusty a day, keeping the Bunker in play"

September 17 -  OK, so now I'm humbled and...finally speechless (typerless?).  Michael Netzer, he of The Crusty Bunkers (among other things), has so generously responded to my recent WOMP-Blog postings that I am now well past astonished and have moved all the way into shock.  If you'd like, you could check out Mr. Netzer's kind words on his web-site at, but I already feel very guilty that such nice things were said about me, so don't feel obligated to check it out on my behalf.  If, however, you'd like to see what Mr. Netzer's been doing recently, go ahead and click the link and skip down past the part about me.  Still, in his warm comments, Mr. Netzer has provided a few of his own insights into Crusty Bunker -

And so, from day to day, from Crusty to Bunker, The Womp brings us a September of heart-lifting reminiscences, delightful stories... and a Crusty a day, keeping the Bunker in play.

Neal Adams, Alan Weiss, Michael Wm. Kaluta, Ralph Reese, Howard Chaykin, Greg Theakston, Alan Kupperberg, Frank Brunner, Mike Nasser/Netzer, Larry Hama, Dick Giordano, Rich Buckler, Walter Simonson, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Terry Austin and Bob Wiacek have already graced his entries, with the promise of another dozen or so to come.

Yes, I'm there amongst the list of Crusties and this was part of the family of comics creators that we were back in the 70's. The sporadic inking work we did as Crusty Bunkers is perhaps one of the more known adhesives that held the family together, though we certainly weren't in need of any essential adhesive beyond the comradery of belonging to what we believe to be the pinnacle of creative endeavors... though then, unlike today, our profession was widely held with little cultural regard.

Thank you, again, so much, Mr. Netzer!  You're compliments are wholly unearned, but wholeheartedly welcomed nonetheless.  In those comments, as well, is the seed of the rest of my planned entries for this month.  As I go ahead, I hope to bring you some of the legacy of Crusty Bunker, beginning from almost the day he was "born."  For now, though, I'll just leave you with your "Crusty Bunker" of The Day - Jim Starlin!