September 7th, 2007

The Zombie

10 years...isn't that the "tin" anniversary? Maybe I'll get them the new Metal Men comics!

September 6 -  Before I continue to Crusty your Bunker, I have to make a brief aside.  Today, the 6th, marks the tenth anniversary of the wedding of O.F.O.WOMPs Brent and Kim Frankenhoff (another aside; Kim - for having lived with Brent for ten years, you've automatically jumped past Official Fish of WOMP to Official Friend of WOMP.  Consider it the least I could do).  Ten years.  Wow.  Where did the time go?  It seems like it was only...well, not yesterday, but certainly not a full decade either.  I remember well that beautiful, sunny day.  In fact, some things still stand out...

- meeting Chet Krause.  From his voluminous vintage vehicle collection, to his pioneering efforts to mainstream collectibles periodicals, he'd always been something of an enigma to me.  Imagine my surprise when he was not only far from the Howard Hughes recluse that I'd imagined, but a gregarious, down-to-earth hobbit!

- the part of the ceremony wherein we, the assembled wedding guests, used our "superpowers" to project good wishes on Kim and Brent.

- the story that the officiate told, relating how he warned Kim of what she was doing by saying "You know, you're about to become the bride of Frankenhoff!"  Everyone got a chuckle out of that...except maybe Brent.

- the crazy, CrAzY music at the reception.  And I mean CRAZY!  It was all taped, rather than live, so there was no-one to ask "Is this, like, Japanese Pop music?  Slovak folk songs?  Random notes played on a malfunctioning synth?"

- all of the awesome free stuff!  Yep, just like at a good comics convention, the couple had the foresight to provide collectible giveaways to their predominantly collector-type guests!  There were elongated coins with wedding information on one side and the Batman logo on the reverse, special edition Last Kiss comic strips by John Lustig, and wooden tokens that were "GOOD FOR ONE HAPPY MARRIAGE." 

The fact that I am holding that token in my hand as I type this probably has something to do with why The WOMP Staff (also known as my wife) and I are also just a few weeks away from celebrating our own tenth anniversary.  Yeah, ten years may have elapsed, but, speaking from experience, it doesn't seem that long when you're having fun!  So, Brent and Kim, The Staff and I send you our congratulations and our wishes for many more years of fun!  I'll get back to the Crusty Bunker info tomorrow.  Until then, I'll end this aside with your "Crusty Bunker" of The Day - Greg Theakston!