September 2nd, 2007

The Zombie

The Lives and Time of Crusty Bunker

September 1 -  Hiya!  So, had any of you nearly figured out the Mystery Theme last month?  Honestly, I thought that it would be solved pretty early on, especially after I put Bullwinkle Moose in the mix (famous alumnus of Wossamotta U.).  Congrats again to O.F.O.WOMP Derek Anderson for nailing it.  This month, well...I have something I hope you'll really like.  First, I want to point out some stuff;

1) I've updated the WOMP Character of The Week.  It's now Sasquates, the furry philosopher of Atlantis.  Read about him on the WOMP Main Page by clicking HERE.  "Sasquates," by the way, is pronounced like "SAS-kwa-teez."

2) I've also updated the December 16th site!  I finally found my packet of vintage December 16th cards, so I posted them all on-line.  Noticeably absent, though, is any card from the 1990's.  I'll have to keep looking, I guess. 

3)  And, if you didn't guess from my many hints or my recently updated Appearance Schedule page, I suppose I should tell you that I, AND The WOMP Staff, have decided that we will probably attend the annual FallCon in St. Paul this October.  As long as my wife is on board, I guess I am, too.  I just have to make hotel reservations (fingers crossed).

OK, OK.  Now that I've gotten the daily announcements out of the way, on to the meat of this entry, which is about this month's "...Of The Day" theme.  And it's a very cool subject, but, uh...the problem is, well, I can only find twenty names to post for a month with thirty days.  Undaunted, I have decided to plow ahead anyway, assuming that I will either find ten more, or will post a related series of names toward the end of the month.  Now, then, I present to you my project for the month, an investigation and essay that I am calling...

The Lives and Time of Crusty Bunker

For those of you who have never heard of Crusty Bunker, I suppose that I should give you what information I have heard about him...and, in so doing throughout the next several days, I hope to learn more about him myself.  Basically, Mr. Bunker was an extremely prolific inker of comic books during the early 1970's.  He worked for both Marvel and DC, as well as on several advertising projects.  His work was always in demand, yet his name is unknown to most collectors today.  In part, that is because of the third tier, lesser known comic books on which he usually worked.  Mostly, though, it's because he never existed.  "Crusty Bunker" was actually a collective pseudonym for the staff and friends of Continuity Productions, the art and design agency of Neal Adams (with Dick Giordano).  Continuity would get the art, then pass it around for everyone to work on it.  Someone with experience (usually Adams himself) would ink the faces and main figures, then others would ink an arm here or a building there, until the whole thing was completed.  This arrangement lasted for several years, until some of The Crusty Bunkers (as these apprentice artists called themselves) were just too famous and busy to continue working in the same way.  Yes, I said "famous."  The Crusty Bunkers eventually were known as some of the most famous, influential, and important comic book artists of all time.  "Like who?" you may ask.  Well, let me tell you "like who" by posting a different name each night!  Without further ado, then, let's start at the top with your "Crusty Bunker" of The Day - Neal Adams!