August 31st, 2007

The Zombie

Time's up! Pencils down, please...

August 31 -  DING, DING, DING!  Just in time for the last entry of the month, someone finally solved the riddle of the Mystery Theme!  Now, I can only suppose that most of you WOMP-Blog readers were absent from "school" yesterday because of a nasty virus that's going around, because only two of you responded to my "assignment"...but the two who did sent excellent guesses!  Both O.F.O.WOMPs Nathan DeHoff and Derek Anderson picked up on all the clues and hints, zeroing in on the specific common denominator that all of this month's daily listed characters shared.  Only one, however, hit the nail on the head.  And the winner is...

Mr. Anderson!

But it was very, very close.  Mr. DeHoff actually responded first with -

I'd guess "characters with college educations," but that seems a little too close to one of the previous wrong guesses, and I don't know that it's true for all of them. Still, it's the best I can do at this point.

This was so nearly correct that he almost won by default (after all, what's the fun of having a contest if no-one wins?).  Then, just three hours later, Mr. Anderson sent in this message -

college graduates?

attended college?

taught school?

Three last gasp guesses, yet he only needed the first one.  Yes, the Mystery Theme was College Graduates! And, before any of you wonder why Mr. DeHoff's "characters with college educations" guess was not "correct," I refer you to the characters that I said could not be on the Mystery Theme list, which included Captain America.  As a pre-World War Two youth, Steve Rogers was a promising art school student, but he quit college to serve his country after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  So, he was indeed college educated, but not college graduated.  Like I said, Mr. DeHoff was very, very close.  Still, it was Mr. Anderson who pegged it.  Not surprising, since he just wrapped up his own Masters Degree, college graduation adventure.  So, congratulations all around for Derek.  Next month, I'll get back to a "normal" daily list of some sort (although I'm currently beating the bushes to try to find about ten more that fit a really interesting theme).  Until then, I guess I want to thank everyone who participated in the Mystery Theme contest.  Before I go, though, I want to finally post your last/first College Graduate Comic Book Character of The Day - Spider-Man!