August 29th, 2007

The Zombie


August 29 -  So, where do I begin?  I have today off from the dread "real" job, so I hope to get some things straightened out that have been recently so messed up.  One of those is my "schedule" of daily posts.  I've been unable to keep up with the ol' WOMP-Blog for a few days, but I have a very good reason...

1) ZAP!  Well, after years of tempting God's wrath, it finally happened.  On Friday night, during yet another storm, our home was struck by an "electrical event!"  Although that sounds like a Springfield garage band (Freaky Frink and The Electrical Event?), it basically means that a super-duper lightning strike coursed through the North side of the house!  There was no fire (thank goodness), but everything electric, and I mean EVERYTHING, suffered some kind of damage, if not destruction.  On the fritz; the WOMPuter, our "main" TV, the cheapo Wal-Mart surround-sound, some clocks, one phone, and the fridge (all are still working, but with obvious trouble).  Stuff that was trashed; a VCR, a DVD player, a DISH Network box, three TVs, the other phone, my alarm clock, and all outside plug-ins.  Most shocking damage; the car, which was in the garage, lost its battery and radio!  The battery has been replaced (I wondered what I was going to do with that extra fifty bucks I made this week), but I still haven't figured out how to fix the radio (I think it may be just one of those little fuses...oh, why didn't I go to school to be an electrician?).  FUN!  All in all, I guess we are pretty lucky.  In fact, with a few days of hindsight, it hasn't really been that big of a deal.  It has been inconvenient, yes, but, compared to what some of our area neighbors have been suffering, it's nothing.

2) The Scale of the Damage.  I don't want to sound like The WOMP Staff and I are crass ghouls or rubberneckers or anything, but we once again took a "tour" of the damage left behind by those crazy storms we've had.  It was not our intention to gawk at the misfortunes of others, but, in a trip to and from La Crosse, Wisconsin, we couldn't help but be in the center of the scene.  And what a scene.  I have never seen anything like it.  There were mudslides all over the place, some small, and many large.  There are about five destroyed homes visible from the road...and I mean destroyed.  They are now jumbled piles of bright raw lumber, shredded fluffy yellow insulation, heartbreaking touches of former habitation, and displaced earth.  One "house" even had put out the garbage as per usual...except that their semi-crushed car was also at the curb along with the plastic trash cans.  As we looked at all of this, I felt terrible for the people who had all of this happen to them, of course, but I also thought about comic books.  I guess I always do.  In comics, super-types fight all the time, slapping each other with cars and punching each other through buildings.  Other than Marvel's humorous Damage Control series of twenty years ago, the aftermath of all of this is seldom visited.  Think of Metropolis.  Think of all the times that it's been the scene of a skyscraper-toppling, roadway-crushing, super-guy slugfest.  Now, think about New Orleans.  Two years later, and real people haven't recovered from a storm.  As I looked at the flood and mud damage around us, it really did look like the Hulk and the Abomination had brawled their way through.  There were even places that looked like one or the other had been slammed into the side of a hill....except...except someone lived there.  For real.  And they don't have other superfolks ready to help clean up.

3) C'mon!  Look, it's nearly the end of the month, and no-one has guessed the Mystery Theme.  I'm shocked.  Really, I am.  Especially in light of these last few clues, I fully expect a torrent of guesses.  And to heck with my "no long lists" thing.  Just send 'em.  Take a wild stab at it, or wait until tomorrow, when I will sum up all former hints and clues, and reveal one final hint. 

4) And here's your Mystery Theme Comic Book Character of The Day - Firestorm!

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